AD | “I don’t like this bit over here/ There’s a little droop there/ How can I get rid of this bit here?”

Do all these statements sound familiar to you? We’re usually the biggest critics of ourselves and will find flaws where flaws don’t even exist. Some people will even go to extreme measures to fix body problems that should be celebrated rather than obliterated.

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If you, or someone you know, is prone to talking about their problems a lot help is at hand; especially if the conversation keeps going to getting some form of surgery. Here are three special points to raise next time you’re talking with someone about the bits they don’t like and what positive comments you can provide.

Tip 1: Don’t resort to surgery right away

Deciding to go under the knife should be the last thing on anyone’s mind when dealing with a problem area. Could you imagine taking that approach in everyday life? “I’ve got split ends, let’s chop it all off” “Fingernail is chipped, let’s just cut that finger off”.

It might sound silly, but that is what many people believe the solution to things like saggy bits, weight loss, skin issues and pretty much how anything body related should be treated.

There are ways of getting cosmetic treatments without needing to go under the knife. For example, it’s now possible to get a non-invasive neck lift or non-surgical lipo without so much as a prick of your skin, and the things lasers can do nowadays could change your life; just look at what something like laser hair removal can do that a lifetime of wax strips couldn’t.

There’s always an alternative out there for looking at our problems, and not taking the lazy route can be the most rewarding, especially when it’s with someone as precious as our own bodies.

Tip 2: Always try new things

Hands up who is guilty of having stuck with the same skin and hair products for years? I think it’s safe to say that when many of us find a particular brand of moisturiser or hair product, we’ll stick to it for convenience sake.

But imagine how much better it could be if you branch out and actually treat yourself to new products? It doesn’t have to mean walking into Superdrug, Boots or Lush and coming out when your wallet completely drained. You could always have a little pot luck with a subscription box (you can read a review of Birchbox here to see what the experience is like).

Even when a friend is moaning how their skin isn’t looking or feeling as great as it should, surprising them with a little sample bottle of something new will get them to try something different and open their mind that trying new products can be fun.

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

Tip 3: Take care of your mental health too!

Looking after yourself isn’t all about daily skincare routines, constantly keeping up with diet fads or trying to look good for others constantly. Your mental health plays a big part in how you can feel about yourself; something that goes largely unnoticed by many of us.

If you’ve noticed a friend has recently become quite negative with an issue, particularly something to do with their body, take a proactive approach instead of brushing the topic aside or agreeing with them. Helping a friend get some perspective on something that has been plaguing them will do wonders for their well-being.

Feeling better can be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t believe it? Read this recent post on how to improve your nighttime routine.

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  1. I love the suggestion of giving your friend a little sample to cheer them up.
    I used to have a few friends and penpals that we would send little rescue packages with some hand cream, lip balm, face mask and candy to. It got really fun when it was international (especially for the candy).

    I tend to stay in a rut with my hair once I find a product that works (so periodically I’ll try something new to the market and completely switch if it works better) but I have to admit my skincare tends to be whatever is cheapest/on special offer XD

  2. I always like trying new face wash and hair washing products. I find it helps when my hair and face become to used to one product.

    There are many parts about my body I don’t like but I would never get surgery to change it. My body is how it is and surgery won’t change the way I feel about it.

  3. Love this post. I would also say give things time. Things that bothered me in the past, like me nose, don’t bother me now at all and I’m glad I never had surgery.

  4. I’ll be seeing a surgeon to get some cosmetic surgery done. It’s gonna cost my entire savings but I have bad TMJ. The specialist suggested jaw surgery so I’m planning on getting that done sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, there’s no natural fix for my jaw misalignment and it’s negatively affecting my bite. Most cosmetic surgery however, is not necessary in my opinion.

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