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Whether you’re a full-time blogger, a coach, an author, a graphic designer, own an online shop or are within any number of other industries where you run a business, marketing your brand is important. Hella important. Marketing can send your business skyrocketing or plummeting – depending on how you use it.

Marketing Your Brand

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All elements of marketing your brand are important, from the tools and strategies you use, the research the do, the platforms you do it on and the advertising you use. If you look at brands such as Innocent and Burt’s Bees to name a few, you’ll see how they’re absolutely killing it with their marketing strategy. And it shows in their sales and revenue.

So although we might not be giants like those two brands, you can still adopt some of the same techniques into marketing your own brand for success:

Social media marketing for your brand

Love it or hate it, if you have a business, then you need some form of social media in your marketing strategy. Instagram, Twitter or Facebook seem to be the main platforms to market your business but Pinterest is also proving an extremely successful platform for a lot of people too.

Running a business is hard enough, without having to maintain your social accounts on top of it. But it’s an important skill that’s worth learning. ContentCal make marketing your brand via social media much easier with their social media management tool and social media calendar. An ideal option for if you’re not in a position to hire a social media manager.

ContentCal helps you save time on your social media marketing (everything busy business owners needs!) and allows you to draft and view posts, add pre-set posting time, store notes and to-do lists, post to multiple apps and much more. Also giving you access to Grammarly, post engagement analytics and collaborate with your team (if you have one) on easier and stress-free social media marketing.

Consistent branding

Branding. Something I didn’t know was important until somewhat recently. But having a consistent brand is so important for your business. It helps you get recognized and stand out so people know who you are, without you ever having to tell them. When it comes to branding, think about your social accounts, your website, colours, fonts etc.

Newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing can be extremely beneficial for your brand in terms of not only sales but growing closer relationships with your readers or fans. A newsletter can be a much more personal way of marketing your brand and also allows you to provide your mailing list subscribers with exclusive discounts and sneak peeks!

Set goals, targets and monitor your brand marketing strategies

It’s all very well and good adopting loads of marketing strategies for your brand but if they’re not working, then you need to switch it up. Setting yourself goals and targets to work towards is really important in business too – so you’re not aimlessly working towards nothing. You want to succeed, right?

Brush up your marketing materials

You might have flyers, business cards, booklets or other types of marketing materials that you use for your business and it’s important to ensure these are in the best condition possible. So if you’re had a re-brand, ensure your marketing materials reflect that. If they’re a bit old and need a bit of a makeover, work on that too. Your marketing materials reflect your brand.

Have an elevator pitch at the ready

It’s super awkward in a business situation when people ask what you do and you’re scrambling to find the right words to do your business justice. So it’s handy having a solid elevator pitch at the ready for you to use at a moments notice – to avoid the awkward silences and the umm’s! An elevator pitch should be short – 2 sentences or so – and describe what you do and why you do it.

What other tools and strategies would you add to this post? Which of the above do you do to market your own brand and which do you need to work on?

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  1. Great work! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for this article. Currently looking into a business development position and these are all useful tips/rules of thumb to consider. Your note on brand consistency particularly resonates with me. I agree, it’s important to communicate a clear message that does not confuse the customer. Another thought this brought to mind – that you should be very clear on who your avatar/template customer is; furthermore, that your message is crafted and tuned for their ears. Thanks!!

  3. Great Work! Very Helpful Article. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Thanks for the useful ideas, I agree to your point that Consistent branding is required.

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