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In the mid noughties, Photo Booths started to appear at events up and down the country, and immediately gained traction in the events world. Many believed that their popularity would wane within a year or two, and now, in 2020, they have become one of the most in demand services for Weddings and Corporate Events.

A few years later, Magic Mirrors made their grand entrance into the events world. These are now very much considered the “Upgrade” to the traditional style Photo Booth, providing all the perks of the original but with a few upgrades.

These were and still are considered an alternative to Photo Booths, as they provide a slightly different service. Whilst the services are similar in what they provide, the way they are run is slightly different.

The Magic Mirror is a 5 ft ‘4 structure, composed of a Touch Screen, Camera, Printer and Studio Lighting Set up. When ready, guests simply tap on the animated touch screen, grab a prop, and the system will then guide them through the photo process. The Magic Mirror even provides compliments to guests taking pictures between each photo, how nice is that!

Whereas Photo Booths take Landscape Photos, the Magic Mirror always takes it’s pictures in a Portrait format. This means that guests can fit their entire outfit into each picture! Moreover, as it does not have a physical enclosure like a Photo Booth Does, you are able to fit considerably more guests into each picture. Whereas the limit within a traditional Photo Booth is around 5-6 Guests, you can get up to three times as many people in a Magic Mirror photograph.

When you’re happy with your pictures, the operator will then print out a copy of your photo to take home. All of these photos are automatically uploaded to an online gallery too, where they can be viewed individually or downloaded as a full package.

Once you have finished taking your pictures, the Mirror will then afford you the opportunity to sign your photos. The screen then provides a review page, where you are able to print out copies of the final template, or retake the photos if you are not happy.

Finally, consider adding a Guestbook to your package to really capitalize on this fantastic service. The operator will print out an additional copy of each photo, which will then be stuck into your guestbook. Guests will be invited to leave a message next to the Photo they’ve taken, making this the perfect service for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events & Proms!

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Have you ever used a Magic Mirror at the party or event? What did you think of them in relation to photo booths?


  1. I love photo booths! They’re great because people get to take back a souvenir that is associated with their experience at a venue. Magic Mirror looks pretty cool! I like the idea since people like to dress up for events. Hope I can find this in more events!

    Nancy ♥

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