So at the end of June, I set myself a few little goals for July. I was feeling super good and motivated so I figured that was as good a time as any to achieve shit! Today I wanted to go through the goals I set myself for July (even though we’re now halfway through August) and see what I managed to achieve and what I failed miserably at. Which wasn’t a lot. Because I was on it last month. Which is more than what can be said for August, as I sit here writing this at 2 in the afternoon with cheese in my hair.

July Goals

Sort out my entire room: Yes. Yes yes yes. I smashed this one. Unsurprisingly as I spend like 85% of my life cleaning or tidying something up anyway. I like to have a proper good clear-out a few times a year. Like, turn my room upside down type clear-out and although I didn’t do it all at once, I managed to get all my drawers, wardrobe, clothes and bookcase all tidy and neat. And I feel 10x better for it.

Read 8 books: This is one I failed somewhat miserably at. I knew that was quite a big target and one I’d only achieve if I read the exact right books, preferably with no more than 50 pages each. So it was a little ambitious but hey ho, I tried. I managed a grand total of 3 books and I spoke more about what I read in July here.

Have (another) massage: In June, I had my very first professional massage. By a beauty therapist and osteopath who works from home not too far from me. My dad has seen her many times over the years for various different things so I knew she was highly recommended. I booked myself another massage in July (like 3 days after the first one because I couldn’t get enough) and this was a big step for me but my gosh, they’re absolutely amazing!

Reach 5,000 Twitter followers: I achieved this one quite quickly into July so that made me hap hap happy. I’m now over 5,100 followers so I gained 100 more than my target, which is great! Thinking about it now, I can’t believe I have five thousand people following me and reading what I’m saying. This seemed completely undoable when I first started blogging.

Reach X amount of views this month: I wanted to keep the exact amount I was hoping to get a secret, until I actually achieved it. Because if I didn’t, I’d look lame and stupid. But now I have reached it, I’m happy to share that I was aiming for 4,000 views this month. And I exceeded that by almost 1,000! So super duper happy about that. I think that was largely down to my Mental Health awareness Week I ran during the last week of July.

Cook a new meal: Over the last year or so, I’ve been a much more avid cook than ever before. Even with basic food / meals, I find myself throwing things together, adding herbs and spices and generally being a bit more creative. Every now and again, I love to make a whole meal from scratch and this month I tried my hand at spicy pulled pork burgers and move over Gordon Ramsey if I do say so myself.

Have posts schedule for the whole month: I think I achieved this one about a week / week and a half into July. I’ve been posting every other day for a while – which works well for me and gives my blog and myself a breather in between posts to catch up with comments etc. so I was hoping to continue that and have posts scheduled every other day for the whole month (apart from the last week where there were multiple guest posts daily). And I did! Whoop whoop!

All in all, I think July was a pretty successful and productive month. Not without it’s downfalls of course but I’m really happy which the goals I managed to tick off my list. Tell me what some of your goals at the moments are. Any milestones you’ve achieved lately?


  1. Wonderful to see what you’ve achieved this month! I really need to clear out my wardrobe this month! Must find motivation… Xoxo

  2. So great that you achieved your goals. Congratulations.
    Hopefully I will actually get to set a goal at all. Also my goal will be to stop procrastinating and start setting goals.😊

    1. Haha start small with small, easily achieveable goals – ones that you know you’ll be able to tick off then you’ll see how good it feels to actually put that cross through something you’ve set yourself and say “Great, I did that” xx

  3. That’s great that you achieved most of your goals! I didn’t set myself any last month but I’m back on it this month with goals to eat healthier, join the gym and lose some weight! x

  4. So positive, I love it 🙂 and congratulations on reaching (and exceeding) your goals for your blog and Twitter – it’s very inspiring 🙂 Can’t wait to read your next post

  5. Glad to see you reached the majority of your goals, reached them and more! I’m new to blogging to my goal for the moment is to reach 100 followers and 1000 views. Slow and steady but I’ll get there eventually 😄

  6. This was a great post to read on a Friday Morning 🙂 Great to hear such positivity and it’s a fantastic reminder that goals can help boost our happiness; especially if they’re achievable! Well done for June! Lets hope you have an Awesome August 😉

    1. Aw thank you very much! I’m glad (: August hasn’t been QUITE as productive — had many more trials and tribulations this month and some pretty bad days but I’m soldiering on 💪🏻

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