The notion of self-care is one that’s been somewhat pushed on us more and more, especially over the last few years. Before I started blogging, I can’t say I had ever heard the phrase “self-care” before! That being said, self-care is extremely important and if anything, the fact that it’s been talked about here, there and everywhere right now is a welcome reminder to all of us to take damn care of ourselves every once in a while. In this post we’re going to be looking at self care tips for women.

Self Care Tips for Women

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I’ve struggled with self care in the past. I found it extremely difficult to focus on me. To do things that I want to do, just because it’ll make me happy. To block out everyone and everything and just be. But it’s something I’m working on and getting better at, especially with the help of life coaching because everyone needs and deserves those moments of quiet and solitude to just be with themselves.

Women in particular I feel like (and this is just from my personal experience as well as seeing others struggle with the same thing) need regular reminders to take care of themselves because we’re always in “go” mode. Self care tips for women are mega important!

I wanted to concoct a list of “self-care-y” activities you can do and practice and all of these I either have done or would do myself. I will admit, that some lists I’ve seen depicting some self-care rituals seem completely alien to me: like colouring. The concept is good but it just isn’t for me. So I wanted to keep this list to things that I would actually recommend myself. Let’s jump into these 10 self care tips for women!

Self Care Tips For Women

Here are 20 self care tips for women to help you relax and put yourself first!

1. De-clutter: choose 1 area – wardrobe, desk, handbag – and throw away anything you don’t need. Start small and start SOMEWHERE. I feel like de-cluttering is super helpful for your mind and soul and is a great act of self care!

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2. Buy something just for YOU: treat yo self! Books, make-up, a Dominos pizza meal for 4… Honestly, sometimes just a little treat is just what you need to pick yourself up and put yourself first. I try and treat myself once a month. Sometimes it’s something more pricey, other times it’s just a takeaway!

3. Experiment in the kitchen: throw some ingredients in a pan and see what happens! Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen is something that I’ve started to LOVE doing. I find cooking for other people a real pleasure so this one is a bit of a win-win because everyone gets a yummy meal and it’s an act of self care!

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4. Watch a documentary: I find documentaries a great way to delve into some self care because you can also learn about something new at the same time!

5. Re-read an old favourite: a book you know will whisk you right out of reality! Reading is a great self care tip for women anyway, I think reading is one of the best hobbies you can have and books really are magical. But sometimes we just need that comfort from an old favourite!

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6. Have a massage: like, by a professional. Not just your cat walking on you. I absolutely LOVE going for massages. I usually book one in for the beginning or middle of the week and take a good couple of hours off and away from the screens to indulge in a well needed massage.

7. Cuddle an animal: if you don’t have one, politely ask the next dog-walker you see

8. Light a candle: there’s something surprisingly calming about flames. In fact, if you haven’t tried Trataka (candle gazing) meditation, then I’d highly recommend it. It’s incredibly calming and a great self care tip for women!

9. Have a cuppa and some chocolate: and make it the best goddamn tea you’ve ever had in your life. This is where mindfulness can come in really handy because yes, even taking the time to make yourself a cup of tea can be considered self care. Put all your effort into it.

10. Write lists: to-do lists, thankful for lists, people I’d like to create on The Sims and drown lists. I joke. Sort of! But lists are very therapeutic and especially if you’re struggling with self care and feel a bit down, there are some lists you can make which will really perk you up.

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11. Call The Samaritans: talking to a complete stranger about your problems is so therapeutic. And if you’re feeling really low and need to go a bit deeper with your self care then this can be a great option. I used The Samaritans quite regularly at one point and they were a savior for me.

12. Play a game: my personal favourite being The Sims… obviously. But I think gaming in general can be a great act of self care that’s definitely not reserved for men! I find gaming one of the only ways to get out of my own head at times.

13. Pamper yourself: for no other reason than you deserve to. Although I understand that bubble baths aren’t for everyone. That’s the beauty of self care, it can be catered to YOU! So if a face mask is more your thing, do that. Or perhaps a foot peel, having your hair cut or focusing on your skincare.

14. Indulge and don’t feel guilty: Going back to the treating yourself point, I think if you’re treating yourself to food – a takeaway or a cake from a cafe – then you really should indulge and go for it and definitely don’t even think about feeling guilty for it afterwards. You deserve it!

15. Go for a walk: get out and get some fresh air. Pet a few dogs on your travels too. Going for a walk really helps me on those days I feel particularly groggy and in need of some extra self care.

16. Do some yoga: If you’ve read this blog for long enough you’ll know that I love Yoga and I’m a huge advocate for the benefits of Yoga both physically and mentally. For me, Yoga is probably the biggest act of self care that I do.

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17. Have a nap: even if it’s 2 in the afternoon. Feeling weary? Get your PJs back on and have a snooze. I nap regularly and I’ve really started to listen to my body and work out if I really need a nap. Some days you just DO.

18. Watch your favourite TV show / film: Even if it’s for the 100th time, and super duper cringe. It’s nice to hark back to that comfort from your favourite show.

19. Plant something / do some gardening: it’s amazing what nature can do for you! Gardening has such great health benefits on your mental well-being. In combines some gentle exercise with getting out in the fresh air and nature. What’s not to love?

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20. Lastly, go easy on yourself: this is the best thing we can ever do for ourselves

What do you do to practice self-care?


  1. […] Self care should be a part of all of our lives and daily routines but we have to remember that self care looks different for everyone. Whilst someone might consider a relaxing bubble bath with candles and a book a valid form of self care, someone else would rather go for a run or head to the gym for a banging workout. Which is also valid. And self care certainly doesn’t have to mean the big things either, the actively taking time out of your day to do some sort of “self care activity”. Basic self care is just as important and over the last few years – when I’ve learnt what self care actually is and how valuable it is – I’ve gradually started to incorporate into my day, every day, without even thinking about it anymore.  […]

  2. Some of those ideas are good. Like the Pizza for four… lol. Buying something for myself, etc.

    Some of my self-care (however avoidant and unhealthy they may be seen as?)
    1. Playstation 4, killing people — some type of grandtheft auto / sleeping dogs / mafia ii or playing online against other angry people lol.
    2. Reading. Can read anything to take myself away from a shitty situation.
    3. Lay in bed and watch about 14 hrs straight of reality tv. Comparing myself to the lowest common denominator always makes me feel like a better person lol.
    4. Write. I am working on my own novel and sometimes I can take my stress out on my own poor unsuspecting characters.
    5. Watch DVDs/Movies of my fav singer.
    6. Blog.
    7. Go shopping aimlessly — but NOT for clothes, clothes shopping when feeling down will send me over the edge.
    8. Exercise. i hate it, but its true, it releases endorphins and I generally feel much better for it.

  3. I normally watch films or tv shows I like and listen to music to get some rest, i also sometimes do sewing projects if they aren’t really complicated to do!

  4. love this post so much <3 I do most of the above every once in a while but the one I struggle with the most is treating myself to new things esp like clothes and things I need even though I work hard for my money. I'm learning that I need to treat myself every now and then and not just save money – if that makes any sense haha xx

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