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It seems to be a very drawn out process right now but I’m hoping I will finally get my garden office before the end of the year. But with the extra lockdown putting a hold on things and delaying things further, we really don’t know at this point. I’m currently waiting for my windows and doors to be delivered – for some reason it’s taken four million years for them to be made. But something we CAN go ahead and do right now is the garden and the outdoor space of my office.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I say “we”, I mean the builders. My family and I would have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to renovations so we just hire the professionals. And as well as my garden office, we’re also getting our patio re-paved and an additional area of patio attached to the office so I can have my own dedicated outdoor space too!

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Essentially I’ll have my own little patio, next to my office wall in which I can do whatever I want with it. And I’m really excited to start planning this space because it the Summer, it’s going to be such a lovely area to be able to take a break from work in and perhaps even eat lunch outside in the sun or relax on a hammock!

So, what first?

Well first of all, our old patio has to come up and the new concrete laid down. This is what the builders are working on now – until we get the windows and doors delivered. There’s been a lot of concrete work involved in my office so far, of course. Businesses such as Ridge Concrete have a range of different types for your commercial and domestic needs.

Our old patio is pretty naff now so it’s about time it had a bit of a make over! This image above was taken right at the start of my office build. The concrete filled the gaps at the bottom to make the base.

Once the patio is complete, I can start thinking about what I’m going to add to my area. The outside is going to have as much TLC as the inside, as it’s an extension of my space. And I find being outdoors really therapeutic and necessary for my mental health and well-being.

What might I consider adding to my outdoor space?

Garden trellis: As the patio is going to be next to a wall without a window, I have a large space to work with. So I’m considering getting some garden trellis for that wall to add climber plants to.

Climbers: And of course, if I have a trellis, I’ll also have to look into climber plants for it. It will soften the look of the wall and make the area feel much more inviting.

Egg chair: I am absolutely adamant about getting an outdoor egg chair. I’ve always loved the look of them and having one in the corner will make the area look really welcoming and chic. Plus I can decorate with cushions!

A table: If I’m planning on spending any time in this outdoor area of my office then I’ll probably need a table for my lunch or my laptop. I think the design will probably depend on the type of egg chair I get.

A water feature: Oh gosh, the sound of running water. Is it not just the most relaxing thing in the world? After I’ve fit the essentials into this space, if there’s enough room left, I would definitely considering adding a water feature.

More plants: Of course, if space allows, I’ll definitely be getting some more plant pots and plants to dot around. I don’t think you can ever have enough plants. However, I’m not a gardener by any means so I’ll probably need to learn some gardening skills!

I absolutely can’t wait to have this space finished and ready to work in. I love spending time outside and I think having that space in your own home where you can go outside is so beneficial. Especially given what this year has taught us, in that our favourite places might not always be open and when there’s a pandemic happening, home is the safest place!

What would you add to your outdoor patio area?


  1. Oh I can’t wait to see it all finished, Jenny! I love the sound of the egg chair and I’m sure it will all be worth the wait x

    Samantha |

  2. I would love a garden office. We’ve been talking about getting out yard done up now since we moved in. We have a shed but I’d love a modern, up to date shed with electricity and insulation so I can escape out there to write.

  3. I love hearing about how you’re getting on with your new office. The outdoor space sounds like it’s going to be lovely, and like you said in the Summer it will be so nice to sit out there and eat your lunch and have breaks out there in-between working! I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it is all done! xx

  4. What a great idea. The climate in my area would not cooperate with an outdoor office so I am very excited for you. I would add flowers that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

  5. I will always want a water feature, that’s like my biggest goal. But I don’t want a small little statue that drips a little and has a high pitched sound, I want a whole waterfall next to the patio. As big as possible.

  6. Aw I love that you have a little patio area to look out on near your office space! I think that when you’re spending a lot of time at a computer, it’s nice to be able to see some greenery and outdoor beauty. Thanks for sharing, good luck with the update x

  7. It’s amazing that you have the support of your family to have that outdoor office! A separate office to your home I can imagine will probably boost productivity and break up your day when you work from home. You have a great selection of things you would include. For the outside I would have maybe some solar lights, plants, a big chair or outdoor sofa. A table is a great idea! Thank you for sharing Jenny, I am looking forward to seeing your office when it is all finished.


  8. Here in South Africa, I can’t even think about having an outdoor office because I’ll either get burnt to a crisp or have sand and leave blow me away. Also, it’s getting warmer here so I’ll rather stay inside with the AC on. But I hope you enjoy your new work space 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (

  9. I’m so excited for you Jenny! And I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done. It must be lovely to plan it all out and make a space that’s just yours. The egg chair sounds like a perfect addition, ideal for the warmer months x

  10. This just sounds like heaven! Can’t wait to see it done! I share the frustration as we’ve been waiting for our plasterer to come for ages! There’s been a rush for doors and windows recently, hopefully they will catch up next year. Hope you can get it done soon! The egg chair sounds brilliant sat listening to the running water and the birds singing!

  11. This is soooooo exciting, Jenny, I can’t wait to see your finished office in due course! And definitely go for a trellis and some climbing plants – maybe a clematis and a honeysuckle as they’ll flower at different times (they’ll need deep pots if you can’t put them in the ground though). And thank you for the shoutout too, that’s very kind 🙂 xx

    Lisa |

  12. A friend of mine has the most amazing office garden, as a writer it is her space to go to when she is writing her next book and it is just so stunning, I’d live in it x

  13. It must be so frustrating waiting on it to be finished, but lovely to be able to plan and see some changes. An egg chair is a must! Can you imagine how serene you will feel in your egg, listening to running water surrounded by all that new loveliness! It sounds incredible and I can’t wait to see it finished x

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