AD – This is a collaborative post // Diabetes is a condition that affects individuals in their leisure and at work. It is a serious condition, which makes is important to manage it correctly. Employers will want to see that their employees are being constantly monitored so that they do not become sick at work. For this purpose, portable pieces of equipment are available.

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To find the best glucose meter available, there are various internet suppliers who can help. The better diabetes is controlled, the less impact it will have on the lives of the sufferer and those involved in its management and treatment.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition. This means that it is long-lasting and once someone has it there is no cure, it can only be managed. Diabetes disrupts the body process that turns food into energy. Most food ingested will be broken down into sugar, also known as glucose, and then released into the blood stream. It is when this blood sugar rises, it signals for the pancreas to release insulin. So, diabetes occurs when a body’s immune system for fighting infection attacks and then destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

There are two types of diabetes:

  • Type 1, which scientists think is caused because of genes and various environments factors, including viruses that trigger the disease. It can cause problems with major organs.
  • Type 2, which is a milder form of the disease. It can still, however, cause health complications. Specifically cause problems with tiny blood vessels in the kidneys, eyes, and nerves. Type 2 diabetes can also increase the risk of heart disease or a stroke.

Diabetes is a condition that needs close monitoring to allow a person to lead a relatively normal life and not become a burden on their families, their employer, and the health service.

Gaining Control of Diabetes

The good news is that diabetes, a person’s insulin levels, can be controlled by diet, prescribed pills, or regular injections. To control insulin levels, it is necessary for a sufferer to regularly check their blood sugar levels so that they can correct what diabetes is doing to their body.

The less severe forms of diabetes can be controlled by diet. To does this, a sufferer would opt for healthier carbohydrates as these affect blood glucose levels. In addition, eat less salt and red meat, but more fruit and vegetables. They should reduce their intake of added sugar in their diet. And, of course, reduce their alcohol intake.

However, many sufferers are too severe for diet to make a difference and insulin tablets or injections are necessary to rectify their condition. Whatever their situation, an electronic monitoring device will aid in knowing whether insulin levels are too low.

Monitoring Diabetes

To monitor or manage diabetes effectively, a glucose meter can be purchased. It is a small, portable machine that measures the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood. Glucometers, as they are often referred to, work by analyzing a small quantity of blood taken from the fingertip.

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A lancet is used to prick the skin and obtain the blood. The blood meter can then quickly and easily inform the sufferer, their family member, or an employer, of the current blood sugar level. Then, with this knowledge, blood sugar levels can be rectified so that a person can continue what they are doing without the fear of running into problems. If low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) is left untreated, then blood glucose levels can drop so low that the person becomes drowsy, even loses consciousness.

To find out how companies are managing employees’ diabetes, there is an article available to read.

With diabetes becoming more common, employers are now taking control of the condition for their workers and obtaining glucose meters to check on their staff to ensure that they remain healthy while at work.


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