AD – This is a collaborative post // Our modern times are known for being the era of many great innovations, not least of which is the Smart TV. Going in for a purchase of one of these is just the beginning of a whole new world of wireless connectivity, high resolution displays, Bluetooth, and voice operation.

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Depending on the model you choose, you can look forward to nearly lifelike display quality in colours that have been unprecedented up to this point. And even the most advanced model on the market today will be obsolete in a year or two, thanks to the speed at which technology is evolving, with the introduction of things like a dish tv too. The rate of evolution makes it hard to keep abreast of what is happening in the market, but let’s break it down, to give you a better understanding of what is going on in the Smart TV landscape today.

Access to the internet

More and more appliances are coming out with Wi-Fi capability, and Smart TVs are right up there with the rest. This means access to a world where you can watch anything you want, when you want to watch it. If your TV is equipped with voice control, you can even ask it nicely to play you your favourite show!

Loaded with pre-loaded apps

One of the great benefits of Smart TVs, is that they tend to be preloaded with a range of streaming apps, freeing you up to switch on and relax, without having to download extra programmes before getting down to business!

As with most online platforms, it will also remember where you stopped and what episode you were on, and you could even be treated to exclusive content, depending on the bundle your TV has.

But it’s not just TV apps that you can make the use of. The internet has everything, so you might be able to download games, including casino games where you can make use of offers like 50 euros without a deposit, like from 50 euro bez depozytu!

Bringing Bluetooth to life

Bluetooth has become part of our daily lives as an especially useful way of sharing files and connecting devices. It can help you connect your Smart TV to a host of external devices, like smartphones, headsets, speakers and more. You might even find that you have the ability to share your phone screen to the far larger TV screen – a great feature if you need many people to be part of the experience.

Resolutions that just get better

480 and 720p LCD were considered to be a great display standard not so long ago. That is, until the on-screen action that came with the advent of CGI demanded a better visual support structure, leading us to the revolutionary, if short-lived, era of Blu-ray technology.

The public’s demand for better graphics would not subside, and in very little time, plasma screens and the ever-evolving high-definition display era moved into place.

The most commonly used resolution at the moment is 1080, which provides a good visual quality without leveraging the buyer into a different spending category. That’s what 4k is for! Significantly more expensive, but largely unprecedented quality is the hallmark of 4k display – but be ready to pay for the Smart TV that supports this kind of display.


  1. I had to explain this to my father in law lately. We have two Smart TVs in the house, but still needed to get an additional Chromecast to get some apps that it maybe wasn’t equip for. Even low end Smart TVs are great now a days though.

  2. Our TV was the one immediately preceding the smart version. We’ve been waiting, for nearly 11 years, for it to break so we can get a new fancy one and stream Netflix. Haha!! 😉

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