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One thing that 2020 has taught us is the power of technology. I mean, as if we didn’t know how incredible technology was anyway, we’ve gone above and beyond what we thought capable this year. Technology has helped up stay connected, stay healthy and save lives.

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One of my favourite technology related triumphs of the year has to be when Formula 1 teams used their expertise and resources to create “Project Pitlane“, which helped create CPAP devices for COVID sufferers in hospital. As much as we moan about social media and talk about how easy things were before the world went online, my gosh this year has shown how far we’ve come.

But today I want to talk about technology and self care. Two topics that probably don’t often get stuck together in the same sentence. When we think of self care, we think of getting ourselves OFFLINE and away from technology. In almost all self care related posts you read, the kind of things recommended to us are going for a walk, having a bath or having a social media detox.

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And whilst all of those are EXTREMELY valid forms of self care (all 3 of which I do on a regular basis) I want to discuss the possibilities of a future where Artificial Intelligence can aid us with our self care. IVS technology is involved in so many industries, such as automotive, electronics and printing. What ways can technology and AI assist us in having the most optimum self care routine possible?

Monitoring our vitamin levels

I’m looking into a future where everything about our health and well-being can be monitored passively. So it doesn’t require us to put the effort in ourselves. If you’ve seen the TV show Humans, you’ll know what I mean. So I feel like having a system that could monitor our vitamin levels would be a really helpful way to aid with self care.

Because we all know by now that the way we feel both mentally and physically can definitely be related to our vitamin levels. Take a vitamin D deficiency for example. How handy would it be to have an app or heck, even a little robot sitting in the corner of your room to tell you when your vitamin D was low so maybe you should go get some sun?

Reminding us to take vitamins and medication

And following on from this, having that constant reminder to take vitamins and medication would be very handy as well. I’m sure there are certain apps for certain conditions which do do this but I’m not aware of any myself. Aside from setting an alarm on your phone to remind you.

But imagine having AI to do that for you? There would be absolutely no chance of you missing a pill ever again!

Creating a bespoke routine based on our needs

All our self care routines and needs are different. We all need different things at different times and what works for one person, might not work for another. There’s no point trying to make someone take a bubble bath in the name of self care if they hate baths, right. It’s not going to make them feel better.

Imagine having an AI system that knows what we want and what we respond to. A system that knows which activities make us happy or relaxed and can curate a bespoke routine especially for us on a day to day basis, depending on what we need and how we feel on any given day. Okay I might be getting TOTALLY ahead of myself here but how cool and helpful would that be?

Suggesting activities based on our mood

Similar to the first point I made about a potential system being able to let us know when we need to act on our vitamin levels being low but in this case, it can monitor our MOOD. And let us know when we’re getting too stressed or too agitated and suggest relevant activities based on our mood so we can tend to those things before they reach a tipping point.

Which I think is often a problem when it comes to self care in this society. We tend to think self care is ONLY relevant when we’re mega stressed or we need a break but it’s not. Self care is needed all the time, every day, whatever our mood.

Personalized diet plans

Of course there are already nutritionists and plans and programs out there that can offer advice and suggestions on diets, food and diet plans. But imagine having all of the above in the SAME PLACE. Within the same system or program so we have all this vital information there in one handy place.

Better yet, if we’re looking wayyy into the future of AI, our own personal little chef robots to do our shopping and cook our meals? Just a thought!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. How do you think AI could assist with self care and wellness in the future? Are there any other things you’d love to see?


  1. Very interesting post! I am so curious what’s about to come in the next few years. AI will definitely play a big role in our lifes. But like with everything there are pros AND cons to new developments.

  2. This was so interesting to read. I’d love the idea of a personalised diet plan or a robot that told me when I’d eaten too much of something. If someone could just tell me to put the chocolate down before I feel sick, that would be great!

  3. The bespoke routine I think would help, there’s a skincare thing I’m trying at the moment that is like that xx

  4. This is an interesting one I haven’t thought much about this before! But I guess in a way it would be a good thing for the future! I would love to have activities suggested to me based on my mood it sounds so cool!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

  5. This is honestly pretty crazy to think about and it’s definitely not something that I’ve considered in the past. I think it’s partially terrifying and partially encouraging to think about how AI could help us in the future. I’ve watched/read too many sci-fi stories to be totally on-board with AI anything, but I also see how it helps us in day-to-day life as it is right now. There’s definitely pros and cons. I certainly hope we can find more ways to encourage self-care though!

  6. I had never really thought about AI Before and actually, as you sad, given how far technology has come, the possibilities are amazing.

    I know my friends young daughter has a tracker now that goes on her arm and constantly monitors her blood sugar levels and administers insulin. It is life changing for someone so young.

    I need all the bloody help I can get with self care! I am still terrible at taking care of myself!

  7. This would be really cool to have! And useful! I know I personally would like to know about vitamins I need to take and self care activities that I can do based on my mood. Also wouldn’t hurt to have a machine remind me of medication I need to take because I tend to forget. Oh and a robot to cook and serve me my personalized diet plan that would be awesome!


  8. Such an interesting blog post! I love the sound of ‘Suggesting activities based on our mood’, this would be a brilliant way of choosing exercise that you know you will love x

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