It’s been literally forever since I wrote a blog post like this but it’s nearing the end of the year, nobody really gives a shit about anything anymore and everyone’s fed up so I wanted to kick back and write something a little more chill than your normal content.

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I’m probably not the only one who’s spent a LOT of time watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and literally everything else I can get my hands on this year. Although I’ve been working throughout the whole year (and have actually had some of my busiest months ever, mid-lockdown!) I’ve also been dedicating much more time to self care.

And for me, self care means switching off from work mode and just truly chilling out. Not thinking about creating content or what’s on my to-do list. Although I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to keep busy throughout this year, I also think dedicating more time to myself was one of the best things I could have done.

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I’ve always loved delving into TV shows. Both alone and with my boyfriend so it’s no uncommon for me to have two, sometimes even three, shows on the go at the same time! There were SO MANY amazing series out this year and we really did nail it with getting through as many as we can.

I want to add EVERYTHING I’ve watched on this list but I won’t! So today I wanted to share my top series I watched this year for you to add to you to-watch list for 2021!

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

Starting with this one because HOW could I not? If you’ve seen The Queen’s Gambit then you’ll understand what I’m saying. If you haven’t, then you need to watch it immediately because it blew my mind. And everyone else’s minds. And the world. Oh my goodness it’s so good. And don’t be put off by the chess element of the show!

New Amsterdam (Amazon Prime)

New Amsterdam was on my list for ages but only after reading A Rambling Reviewer’s review of season 2 did I actually knuckle down and watch it. And it’s one of those shows that I INSTANTLY regretted waiting so long to watch. I’m not even usually a fan of medical dramas but this was absolutely phenomenal.

The Alienist (Netflix)

Boy oh boy. The Alienist. Carl and I watched season 1 of this when it first came out but re-watched season 1 before season 2 this year. It was nice to have a recap of season 1. Both seasons are just incredible. But the plotline is pretty disturbing – especially for season 2! This is based on a series of books so I can’t wait to read those as well.

The Crown (Netflix)

I must have watched the damn Crown about 4 times now. Season 4 was out this year and it absolutely wowed me. I loved season 1 but season 4 really does come a close second. The addition of Thatcher and Diana in particular was what did it for me. The cast in this show are bloody fantastic too.

Godless (Netflix)

Like The Queen’s Gambit, Godless is also a Netflix Original Limited Series and it is brilliaaaaaant! If you love anything Wild West, then you will love this. Carl and I watched this straight after we’d both finished playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and just couldn’t get enough of the Wild West. Godless is a really meaty and involved series. Utterly brilliant.

James May: Our Man In Japan (Amazon Prime)

Something a little different and I probably wouldn’t usually put non-fiction series on these sort of lists (not because I don’t like them but mostly because I just prefer fiction). But James May: Our Man In Japan was a really brilliant series. I loved learning about Japanese culture in the super fun way that James presents.

Humans (Netflix)

Humans is absolutely fantastic. This is another one I’ve actually watched a few times but re-watched this year to catch up on before watching the most current series. And I loved it just as much as the first time. So unique and weird and creepy and would highly recommend for any sci-fi fans!

Have you watched any of these series? What have been your favourite series of 2020?


  1. I’ve only watched Humans on this list, although it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it so I do kinda want to start over and watch from the beginning again. Ooh I’ve added The Queen’s Gambit to my list and I just haven’t got round to watching it but now I’ve read this post I’m going to start it tonight! xx

  2. I’ve heard such great things about The Queens Gambit. I need to watch it sometime! Thanks for sharing this awesome list!

  3. Eep. I haven’t watched any of these! I tried to watch The Queen’s Gambit but only got halfway through the first episode and was really bored by it. I guess I should keep going and see if that changes, but I just had other things I wanted to watch more at the time (like all the Christmas films). I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for rewatching my old favorites. I go through Gilmore Girls, Chuck, Parenthood, and Heroes a million times over – and I’m always a fan of The Office, Parks & Rec, or Brookyn Nine-Nine as well. Aside from that, I don’t watch a ton of tv. But I’ll have to look into some of these!

  4. I watched just The Alienist from this list and raved about it for months! Can’t wait to watch the second season! WIll have to add the rest to my to be watched list for Christmas holidays! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. I haven’t watched any of these! I haven’t actually heard of most of them 🙈 I’m more of a sitcom/lighthearted series person but I feel like I should watch The Crown since everyone’s talking about it so much x

  6. I haven’t watched any of these but will make a note of them.
    The ones I’ve enjoyed this year are
    Why Women Kill ..not to be confused with Women who Kill
    Very funny

    The Last Kingdom favourite

    Unorthodox ..absolutely brilliant drama about a young Jewish girl

    Roadkill ..just watched, don’t bother

    The Undoing ..not bad but the book was so much better
    “You should have known”

    Have you watched any of those?

  7. I adore the Crown, In fact that doesn’t do it justice. It is one of the best things I’ve ever watched. Thatcher in particular was immense, Gillian Anderson really did so well with that one.

    I started New Amsterdam but never got time to finish it off, Rob won’t watch it and I rarely have time alone, I might make time over the holidays.

    The Queen’s Gambit is next on our watch list x

  8. The Crown is one of those shows that I never get round to watching! I’ve almost finished series 3 but after work I always opt for something light and short- I need to get started on series 4 soon 🙂 thank you for sharing x

  9. I’ve definitely heard a lot of good things about The Queen’s Gambit. At one point my Facebook feed was full of people praising it. So it’s been added to my list of shows to watch. My favourite that I’ve watched this year is Schitt’s Creek. I was hooked from the first episode! Every character is hilarious and cleverly written x

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