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So, we’re back in lockdown and here in the UK, we’re pretty much back to square one with the exception of the vaccine which is slowly by surly being rolled out. But of course, this new lockdown means that once again, couples are being forced to spend less time together and get creative with their dates.

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Whether you’re in a long term relationship but just can’t see each other due to the pandemic or you’re new to dating and are using dating sites right now for your local area, such as Norfolk dating you’re going to be in the same boat when it comes to dating: most of it is going to be online.

So let’s look at how to host the perfect virtual date for all you couples who can’t be together right now!

Set a time and a date

Obviously a simple and obvious point to start with but if you’re going to be hosting anything – a date, a dinner party, a piss up – there has to be a time and a place. Or in this case just a time and a date. Because let’s face it, nobody can go anywhere right now. You might want to go a bit extra and even send some sort of invite!

Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed

This is something I struggle with a lot in my house and have done ever since the pandemic began. I’m ALWAYS disturbed. No matter where I go or how many times I tell people, I’m always disturbed. So I completely appreciate how this one is easier said that done, depending on who you live with or perhaps the size of your house.

But if at all possible, try and ensure those around you know that you’re having an online date and that you shouldn’t be disturbed for a few hours. Make sure they know it’s important to you and your relationship and this is quality time that you want to spend with your partner – just as if they were in the room with you.

Choose your activity

Of course if you’re having a “proper” date then you’re going to have to have some idea of what you want to do. If you were actually meeting up for a date, you would just meet each other in the middle of the street with neither of you having any idea what to do. You’d have an activity planned, such as a meal or going to the cinema.

But as we’re confined to our homes, this is where you’re going to want to get a bit creative with your activity. If you’re both gamers, you might want to consider an idea from my date ideas for gamers post. If not, you might want to consider having a meal together or watching a movie. You could even go for a walk together, have a picnic together or breakfast in bed!

Choose your outfit

Even though you’re not leaving your house, you still want to make an effort of your date. I think it’s really important to actually continue making those efforts, even during such a difficult time like this pandemic. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel much better if I actually get ready for the day and I can’t bear to spend any time in my pjs!

So make a point of choosing an outfit and getting ready for your date, as if you would were you meeting up in person. If you’ve been struggling with spending so much time at home (like I have), this will make a nice break from your routine and actually give you something to get ready for. Thought Clothing do some beautiful ethical and sustainable pieces perfect for a date

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Meal options

If you’ve chosen to eat a meal together, then you’re going to want some meal options. Of course takeaway is ALWAYS a good choice and doesn’t require cooking, preparation or either of you messing it up. But if you do want to create your own meal, that’s super exciting! Just ensure it’s something both of you can make!

You might want to try my South-Western Seafood recipe, a Chunky Beef Chilli or my personal favourite, Thai Fish Cakes. And don’t forget something sweet to end the night with.

Have you had any virtual dates during the pandemic? Would you add anything to this list? Let me know!


  1. These are some great tips. I feel very lucky that I live with my boyfriend and so don’t have the upset caused by not being able to see each other. Ive never had a virtual date before but I know a few of my friends have in recent times.

  2. A friend of mine had a virtual date and basically she and her date watched the same film. Ordered a takeaway and then talked afterwards. I thought it sounded lovely x

  3. This is such a cute idea! Just gotta find someone to do it with now… One of my friends actually started dating her boyfriend in the last lockdowns and all their dates so far have been virtual! A lot of switch games and watching films whilst texting each other, tbh I find the whole thing much cuter than actual dating x

  4. Well I’m quite thankful to be married to my forever date and living in the same place – so we don’t need to do anything virtually. However, I do have virtual dates with my long-distance bestie. I know it’s not *quite* the same buuut it’s still something we prepare for and have a lot of fun with. I like your ideas a lot!

  5. I love these ideas. And actually they really cross over to couples that live together, I know how easy it would be for Rob and I to just do the same as we do every night. Pjs on, enjoying each others company, in between parenting! But this year I have said we MUST make time to date more often.

    I love the idea of still making an effort. It is such a difficult time for relationships but we are becoming good at adapting aren’t we x

  6. I like how you said that you still need to put effort into your relationship during lockdown. I’m married, and I have been trying to make sure I still dress nice at least a few days a week. It’s easy to get lazy but relationships take work.

  7. I’m married, so no need for virtual dates in the romantic sense – living together means that we still get to spend that time together. However, I have had virtual ‘dates’ with family and friends. My family all lives a significant distance from me and I have really missed having that time with them. For example, when we go north to visit my mother and her boyfriend, we always play Euchre with them. We have found that the website Trickster Cards allows you to play a number of different cards games and has a built in video chat feature. I have also enjoyed virtual drinks with friends on a few occasions – getting dressed up, turning up the music and cracking open our favourite drinks.

  8. I’ll admit lockdown has just enforced my lack of dating in general but this is a lovely post and even though I have no intention of dating, I got some great ideas for when I’m hosting virtual friend meet ups! Great post Jenny!

  9. These are such cute ideas- me and my boyfriend opened our Christmas presents in a cute zoom unwrapping “party” after the Christmas break was cancelled, and I think there are so many ways you can make this time slightly better- you just need a bit of creativity 🙂

    1. Me and my boyfriend have had a few date nights in the house as we can’t really get out anywhere and it is still super fun! We’ve had a few gaming night dates together as we both enjoy gaming, so they’re normally great fun! I do like the idea of dressing up all fancy even if you aren’t going anywhere though, might try that for our next date night! x

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