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Late last year, I got my hair cut short. For the first time in like, 8 years. I’ve always loved experimenting with my hair and I’ve been through SO MANY styles. When I was in sixth form, I had really short hair – bordering on pixie cut on one side. I’ve also been obsessed with hair extensions and bleaching my hair – both of which ruined my head. And, up until recently, I loved having really long hair too. Like, down to my bum long.

My hair is naturally very thick so it got to a point where it got too long to do anything with. There was no volume. No style. No nothing. You might think that having long hair, you have loads of options with what to do with it but that wasn’t the case for me. My hair always looked flat and a mess because it was simply too long and couldn’t hold any style. No matter how much hair spray I used.

So I finally bit the bullet and had it cut up to my shoulders. 2019 was a transformative year for me and I wanted to enter into the New Year with a new spring in my step. And I thought a brand new and different hair cut would help with that. And it totally did! What is it about getting a new hair cut that makes you think you can take on the world?

Although there’s so many more hair styles I’d like to try, I’ve been so happy with my new, shorter hair so far. I can FINALLY do things with it! Perhaps I’ll go for a Baylage hair colour next time! So today I’m sharing with you my 3 go-to hair styles for date night with my boy or a meal out with my friend:

Look 1: Curly wurly

(Also pictured in the 1st photo) My hair is naturally pretty straight so it takes a LOT of effort to get my hair curly like this. For that reason, I don’t do this style often, unless it’s a special occasion like date night! This is something I couldn’t do when my hair was so long because the curls just simply wouldn’t hold for longer than 10 minutes. My curls stay in all day now!

For this look, I use my straighteners to curl my hair. Twisting it in different directions for each strand to give it a slightly more messy look. If I’m going for ultra messy then I pop some mousse in afterwards but for this, I just hair sprayed and let it set.

Look 2: Messy up-do

This is a great, easy look to do if your hair is already curly but you don’t want it down. So if I was going out and had my hair curly one night and was going out the following evening too, I’d probably shove it up in a messy up-do for something a bit different. It’s also a nice style for when you’re warm and want your hair off the back of your neck.

Again, this was the same curls I did with the straighteners. I simply shoved the back up in a low, messy bun and pulled out a few strands around the front and bottom!

Look 3: Milkmaid braids

This is probably my favourite of the three because it’s SO CUTE and something I couldn’t do with long hair because I didn’t have enough room on my head for the actual braids! This look is perfect for a Summer date night or a cute day out with friends. It gets your hair out the way but stays looking sweet all day long.

For this, I split my hair into half and messily fishtail braided both sides, securing at the bottom with a band. I then brought both braids up on top of my head and secured with a ton of hair slides. This look can be a messy or as neat as you like too. If you want it messier, just do looser braids!

I hope you liked this post from me as it’s something a bit different! I’m definitely on a bit of a self confidence journey this year and a post like this and photos like these definitely pushed my boundaries in terms of confidence! What are your go-to hair styles for date night?


  1. Oh you are such a cutie. I absolutely love your hair this length, it really suits you and all three of these styles look great. My favourite is probably the milkmaid braids too, you look so cute! I also have really thick hair but mine is naturally curly so I also feel like I can’t really do much with it. You’ve inspired me to get a haircut though – I haven’t had a proper one in years and I just can’t do another summer with this mop on my head haha!

  2. Girlllll look at you with all these ads ;))) So happy & proud of you!!! These looks are so pretty! I recently took my hair from medium-long to medium-short which is always a big change for me bc I also adorrre long hair. It’s fun to experiment with new styles! x

  3. You have such pretty hair! I love the braids on you. I have the opposite problem, my hair is medium length but VERY thin so I can’t do much with it at all!

  4. I suck at most things hair related. Mine is thigh length and naturally wavy/ lightly curly so I tend to let it do its own thing mos of the time. I totally get your point for making the chop though, I definitely feel like I have too much hair to do much with a lot of the time. I love messy up dos but I find they get so heavy and hurt my head after quite a short period of time because I have so much of it x


  5. I’ve only just grown my hair down to my shoulders. I had it as a pixie cut for years! I’m excited I can finally put it in a ponytail lol! HairstyleH are a new thing I’ve not attempted yet! Can’t believe you can plait and style your own hair!

  6. I just love your hair!! What a fun post, the styles are super cute. I am terrible with hair but part of that may because I don’t take enough time to venture out and learn how to properly practice other styles 🙂

  7. These all look so pretty! I love milkmaid braids but I’ve never figured out how to fishtail. My hair is getting unmanageably long again and I’m thinking about a cut I just can’t decide what to do. Great post!

  8. I looove curly hair on you – it’s absolutely gorgeous and really suits and frames your face! 🙂 I’m trying to experiment a bit more with my hair lately, so can’t wait to try and copy some of these gorgeous styles 🙂 x

  9. Omg I am so hopeless with my hair. Either it’s just in a really high ponytail or left down and brushed. I’m not creative at all and I’m terrible at plaits. Your hair looks really lovely though. Thanks for sharing some new hair inspo!

    Kate |

  10. I’m completely helpless when it comes to styling my hair – I would love to learn how to do the milkmaid braids because they look so pretty!

  11. Tbh, I don’t really do much with my hair. It used to be super long and I just left it straight down most of the time. Now I’ve had a major cut I might start experimenting a bit like you have.

  12. Loving all of these styles! I’m so badly in need of a color
    Change at the moment.

    My go to hair style is usually a messy bun or a side braid. Right now I’m growing my hair out a bit because it was recently cut short a few months ago.

  13. Love the 2nd look here! My hair is naturally curly so if it’s having a bad frizz day, I’ll do a low bun however if I’m wanting to put effort in, I’ll straighten it!

  14. You look gorgeous! I’m loving your curly hair, it looks great! And milkmaid braids are SO cute, thanks for reminding me of this pretty style! Have a great week beauty ❤️

  15. I love all of these styles, Jenny! Your hair is gorgeous! My fave is the milkmaid braids, they are really cute and creative 🙂 My hair is so short, I only have like one hair style, haha, so it must be nice to be able to change your style depending on your mood or occasion. Thanks for sharing these ideas, lovely post and beautiful photos! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  16. I love all of these on you – curly hair really suits you! I don’t do anything really with my hair as it’s thick and wild – I straighten it to avoid having to tie it up (looks unprofessional down and hair up =migraines) though I do love having it in a bun so then i can show off my undercut.

  17. Ah these look so nice! I am rubbish at doing my hair – it spends most of its time in a ponytail, a bun and if it is down, I’ve ever straightened it or curled it! Your hair colour is also really pretty!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  18. Love these styles – especially the milkmaid braids! So cute! I’m rubbish at doing hair – I basically have 3 hairstyles I can do and I think they’re all so boring and basic!

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