The whole world got on board with virtual dating during the pandemic. It was a wonderful way for people to stay connected, keep in touch and ultimately keep their relationship alive whilst everyone was stuck in their own homes. Virtual dating has been on the rise ever since, so in this post, I’ll be sharing some virtual date ideas for long distance.

virtual date ideas for long distance

Of course online dating is bigger than ever. We’re not new to meeting people online, engaging with people online and ultimately, finding relationships online. And there are so many different types of dating sites and apps these days, those that are based on location, such as this Edinburgh dating site. Or preference, such as Mature Edinburgh Dating.

But once you’re IN that relationship… well, you don’t imagine your love life is going to be halted by a global pandemic.

Now that things are generally back to normal business, virtual dating still remains a thing within the world of long distance relationships. If anything, long distance relationships are easier than ever with the help of technology. We don’t have to wait days for a carrier pigeon to deliver our love letters anymore.

During the pandemic, more people got a taste of what it’s like being in a long distance relationship, whether they wanted it or not. But we’re human, we carry on and adapt. And what we learned was that there are SO many fun and creative ways of hosting a virtual date, of keeping relationships alive and fun, even if we’re not in the same place physically.

So in this post, I’m going to share 14 fun and creative virtual date ideas for long distance couples:

virtual date ideas for long distance

Stay connected, just chat!

The absolute easiest virtual date idea for long distance is just having a chat. Chat about your day or your week, share a funny thing that happened to you or have a rant over something that’s bothered you. Keep up the “normality” of a relationship, as this is the sort of thing you’d do when you get home from work to your partner.

Have dinner together over Skype or video chat

Agree on a day and time – even a specific type of cuisine if you want – and have a virtual dinner date over video chat! Dress up for it if you like, crack open a bottle of wine and just be on a date together.

Make plans together

It’s always really important to have things to look forward to, especially for when you’re going to see each other again. So it could be a lovely virtual date idea to plan something together. Holidays you want to go on together and day trips you want to make. It’ll give you both something to look forward to!

Have a movie night together

Choose a movie to watch at the same time together. Although you can’t see each other, knowing you’re both doing the same thing might help ease any loneliness that’s brewing from being in a long distance relationship and not being able to see your partner.

Game together

If both of you have gaming consoles and have the same games, now would be a great time to game together and show each other who’s boss! Gaming is a great way to take your mind off of things and have a bit of fun – even better when you’re up against your boyfriend or girlfriend! Check out these date ideas for gamers.

Go for a virtual walk together

Most people have been enjoying going for walks since the pandemic – especially in nature, which has a calming quality about it. Why not arrange a time for you to both go on your daily walk and do it together? Stay on face-time or on the phone and go on a virtual walk together.

virtual date ideas for long distance

Bake together

Similarly to having a meal and going for a walk together, if you’re both into baking, you can choose a time and a dish to both bake in your respective homes and go onto Skype or face time and bake together! It’ll give you a chance to do a relaxing activity as well as some time to have a chat together. Maybe try this Rocky Road Recipe!

Have your morning coffee together

Start your day in a positive way by having your morning coffee together, just as you would do if you were actually together! This might be difficult in different time zones but make it work.

Do a cocktail making or wine tasting

If you both like a drink when you’re together, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy that when you’re apart, too! Get some cocktail ingredients in and get creative with your drinks or even sign up for an alcohol-themed event online that you can both attend.

Watch a concert together

During the pandemic, a lot of artists put on virtual concerts for fans. My boyfriend and I bought tickets to The Darkness concert, which we enjoyed in the comfort of our bedroom, it was wonderful. There are lots of concerts available on YouTube or DVD from a variety of artists. Perhaps consider this as one of your virtual date ideas for long distance.

Play music together

And whilst we’re on the subject of music, if you’re both musicians, why not have a virtual jam together?

Play fun games like truth or dare

Games nights are always fun but if you fancy playing some a little more risky, why not try a truth or date? It might start to get a bit naughty.

Have a quiz

Who doesn’t love a quiz? One of the more common virtual date ideas for long distance after everyone was having quizzes every other night during the pandemic. But a super simple but fun way to spend a couple of hours with your partner during a long distance relationship. You could even get some friends to join you on this one!

Have a double date

And why not bring friends into the mix on some of your virtual dates anyway? Double dates are normal in the physical world, they can be in the virtual world too! You could literally do ANY of the above with another couple on Zoom!

Here are just a few ways that you and your partner can have a fun, virtual date during long distance. Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list? How have you and your partner been keeping connected if you’re away from each other? Let me know!

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  1. Brilliant tips Jenny. I’m lucky in that Blair is at home during all this, but it’s been a struggle not seeing people like my brother who I’m very close to. We’ve been doing a lot of gaming together so we can just chat and catch up while doing something fun, it’s really helped us feel a bit more connected and sane. I’m sure this post will give lots of couples who aren’t able to be close some ideas on how to stay connected!

  2. I know it must suck if you’re not together and can’t see each other right now but we’re so blessed that we have the technology to be able to do the things you’ve suggested here to stay connected. I know it’s obviously not the same but doing little things like making the same meal together at the same time adds an element of normality back in the situation x


  3. Those are great ideas! It’s nice to get creative when things get rough to keep the spark going.

  4. Awww! This actually sounds super romantic considering! If I ever had anyone to date (even if it’s long-distance), I probably would have used these tips!

  5. I absolutely love these ideas. I can’t imagine being without George during this time as it’s just so stressful but I know some of these would help if that had been the case. Having dinner together over skype would be lovely and I totally agree about making plans for the future. Having something to hold on too and look forward to helps massively xx

    Tiffany x

  6. These are some actually adorable ideas! The Skype idea is so cute. I’ve got plans for seeing my significant other when the isolation period is over x

  7. I’m loving coming across all these really interesting date ideas in the lockdown! People are getting so creative. Gaming is a great one, and we’re hoping to have a nice candlelit dinner and movie night over the Easter weekend.

  8. My boyfriend and I have been facetiming most days and playing animal crossing and watching films together, which I think is really helping. It’s such a strange time to be in a relationship, without seeing your other half! x

    Em |

  9. These are great ideas; and I guess like you said, can be used with friends and family as well. Its a very strange world at the moment that is taking some adjusting to; technology is brilliant though for keeping us all connected!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

  10. I’m not dating right now, but I love these tips. A movie night would be such a cute idea to do if you are dating.

    Al x

  11. This is such a helpful post! I’m currently single AF and this pandemic certainly isn’t helping that… I’ll have to give some of these ideas a go! x

    Becca // becc4 blog

  12. Sadly lockdown lead to a breakup for me haha (im not dwelling on it though) but these are all such good ideas, and i do feel for couples who cant be in lockdown together!

  13. My boyfriend and I have been doing a long distance relationship since I went to uni, but the lockdown has made it even harder for us! These are some great ideas that we’ll definitely be trying x

    Roni 🖤

  14. I’m casually talking to people I match with on Hinge so I’m in a but big a weird place where I obviously can’t go out and meet them in public just yet. I get the impression that these dating ideas are pretty good and for anyone already in a relationship but maybe doesnt work as well as ideas for a first date with someone you’ve met online? Thanks for sharing though, enjoying reading it and getting a but more inspiration and motivation to think of some. Stay safe and stay sane 🙂

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  15. Oh I love this, such cute ideas! I’m lucky enough to be on lockdown with my partner but I may share this to my friends that aren’t to help them not lose hope 🙂

    Jess | xx

  16. Great post pet! I am self isolating with my partner in our home – I understand why ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is a thing now [LOL]. We’re stuck for indoor date ideas at the moment but we’ve been playing card games most nights.
    Stay safe! x

  17. I think some of these are lovely ideas and although I don’t have a partner to do these with I do have my friends and I think it definitely a great way to stay connected during trying times like these.

  18. This actually sounds quite cute! While I find online dating awkward even without the face to face, this could be very interesting haha 🙂
    Sarah x

  19. Love this! I’m lucky enough to have my husband around (But he is military and often away) but when he does go away I will definitely be using some of these ideas!

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