After 2020, when most of us were so unmotivated due to the state of the world and didn’t want to do anything that required more effort than stuffing our faces with Domino’s and watching How To Get Away With Murder, I think it’s time that 2021 sees a shift. If you need some tools and tips on how to get motivated then you’re in the right place!

How To Get Motivated

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Motivation is something that’s always come fairly easily to me. Of course I have my days where I absolutely cannot force myself to do anything of importance but it’s important to remember that everyone has those days. Me. You. Michelle Obama. Everyone.

But for a lot of us – entrepreneurs, those of us who have started a business, bloggers looking to grow their blogs, those of you who are studying for degrees – motivation is a key factor in most things that we do. If we’re not motivated, we’re not going to be working to the highest of our ability.

And of course lots of things can affect motivation. Family drama. A break up. Health issues. A FREAKING PANDEMIC. 

But there are lots of ways in which we can aid our own motivation and help ourselves when we need to figure out how to get motivated. I truly believe that we hold the power in us. Tools, tips and resources are just extra, helpful things that can aid us in bringing out our own intrinsic motivation.

So what is a motivational toolbox?

Just as a plumber will have his toolbox of plumbing stuff, we all need our own toolboxes to help us in our day to day lives, jobs, businesses and ventures. You might have a different idea of what a motivational toolbox is but if you’ve never heard of the term before, to me, a motivational toolbox is:

“A toolbox of tips, tricks, tools and resources to help you figure out how to get motivated in the moment.”

That’s it! And the beauty of it is, all of our motivational toolboxes will look a little different. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. So in this post, you will find suggestions of things that you CAN include in your motivational toolbox but it’s important for you figure the rest out yourself.

Want to know what to include in your motivational toolbox to help you know how to get motivated?

How To Get Motivated

How to get motivated and 7 things to include in your motivational toolbox:

Podcasts, YouTuber’s and creators

I find SO MUCH motivation from other people, including YouTubers and other bloggers. Consuming the right type of content can REALLY help with motivation and how to get motivated. As a blogger, I consume a LOT of content. But being pickier with what I choose to digest has had a huge beneficial impact on my motivation levels. So this is certainly something to consider when adding these things to your motivational toolbox!

Whether it’s motivation for health and wellness you’re after, business and blog motivation or something else, make sure you’re reading, watching and listing to the right people.

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Motivational books

Books are an amazing tool to have in your motivational toolbox. Motivational books are great to have on hand when perhaps you’re not in a position to actually DO anything (for example, if you’re on a long travel journey and can’t work on your laptop) but you’re feeling motivated and want something to help you keep up that momentum.

Motivational quotes, wallpapers and backgrounds

We all love a motivational quote, don’t we? Pinterest is absolutely FULL of them, so you’re never going to be short of a motivational quote or two. For this point, you might want to create your own Pinterst board where you can save all the quotes that help you get motivated. Or perhaps you can print them out and create your own scrapbook, if you’re a more hands on type of person!

Stick them to your fridge, use them as your phone and laptop wallpaper or have them jotted down in your journal. It’s really up to you what you do with them, as long as they’re in a convenient place for you.

Techniques that work for YOU

It’s important to remember that motivation is different for everyone. What motivates one person might cause another person to want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. So finding appropriate techniques which help YOU stay motivated is probably the MOST important element of your motivational toolbox. Again, you can write these techniques down in your journal or stick them on the noticeboard in your office.

Some very basic techniques that you might want to consider or try for yourself are:

  • To-do lists which are broken down into small and manageable steps
  • The 5 second rule. 5 seconds then you’re up to do the thing
  • Allow yourself time to get distracted (this helps MUCH more than powering through a task half-heartedly because you can’t stop thinking about watching the last episode of How To Get Away With Murder. Just watch the damn episode)
  • Pomodoro technique: Doing something for 25 minutes then giving yourself a 5 minute break

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An accountability partner or a support network

Having support for whatever you’re doing is incredibly important. I learned this lesson more last year when I delve into life coaching for the very first time and it changed my life. My current coach keeps me SO motivated. I love completing my homework for her and having our weekly sessions, they really do help keep my motivation levels high. All because I have that support and accountability from someone else.

Reminders of how amazing you are

Okay this is a bit wishy-washy but bear with me. Because we’ve all been there. Those times where self-doubt is soOoOo high that we just can’t bring ourselves to do anything because we don’t feel good enough or worthy enough or smart enough etc etc. That’s just your ego talking.

So these are some really valuable things to include in your motivational toolbox because mindset is incredibly important when it comes to motivation. When you feel like shit, you’re not going to be motivated, basically. You might want to try writing a few lists to keep on hand, such as; your achievements, things you’re good at, things you love etc.

Tools for when nothing will motivate you

Above all else, I’m a realist. I know first hand that some days, it is impossible to get motivated. Absolutely nothing will get you out of that funk. So when these moments arise, you have to honor them. Respect them. And tend to them. It’s times like these where my self care kit comes in really handy. Because self care is JUST as important as motivation. They go hand in hand really.

How To Get Motivated

Your motivational toolbox doesn’t have to be a physical thing. I’m not suggesting you run to B&Q and buy a toolbox for this exercise. But just knowing where to turn when you need a little motivational boost can be really helpful. And also prevent procrastination i.e staying in bed all day watching Gilmore Girls.

But if you do want to create something to keep all of these things in one place, by all means, do it! Create YouTube playlists, Podcast libraries, write things in your journal, print things out – do whatever will have the most positive and effective impact on you!

What items, tools or resources are in your motivational toolbox? Would you add anything else to this list? Are you tempted to create a motivational toolbox?


  1. Love this post! Some much-needed advice that I will definitely be taking on board. I too love a good podcast to spur me on to get that *thing* started. Also, you can never go wrong with a post-it note pad nearby to jot down ideas and stick up somewhere at eye-level as a helpful reminder 🙂 my office is covered in them!

  2. Love these tips! I also am pretty stoked that I employ a lot of them already, catered to…me…of course. 😉 When I was leading a team in a warzone many years ago, we would take the edge off with jokes, quotes, whatever it took to get through. The good ones, which were often motivational, I wrote down on post its and put all over my office. Before I left, they had gathered all the post its, copied them and framed them for me. It was such a heartwarming thing and I will forever hold that moment (and those framed post its) close to my heart. I still have tiny post its on my dry erase board (though I work from home now) and when I’m having a “moment” I can glance over and immediately see what I need to get through.

  3. This is such a great idea. I will definitely be making my own motivational toolbox. I love using art, music and quotes to inspire me, so I will be adding a mix of those. I loved the idea of using videos and podcasts, as well.

    Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Oh, I’m loving this post! I thrive off of other people and their influence so I like to make sure that I’m surrounded by like-minded people. I like to keep all my resources in a Pinterest board like this one! I’m pinning for later. x

  5. I haven’t heard of a motivational toolbox before, but I definitely needed to read this post now that my daughter is back at kindergarten & I have very little motivation to work on my thesis.
    I find making a to-do list & allowing myself some time to get distracted helps. I also have a friend who’s working on her thesis too so she’s my accountability partner

  6. I love the idea of having a tool box of motivation, what a cool saying. I don’t usually suffer with lack of motivation, it’s more time keeping and getting everything done to the standard I like!


  7. I love the idea of a motivational toolbox! I definitely have days where I really struggle with it, so I’m always on the look out for ideas. I definitely find making lists of goals that are manageable really helpful. Always love watching some motivational YouTube videos and listening to podcasts too. xx

  8. Oh I love this post Jenny and the Pomodoro technique really helps me when I need it, and rewarding myself with distraction time after I’ve completed something helps too 👍

  9. Why didn’t I open my wordpress reader earlier today?!? I was seriously lacking in motivation alllll day long, and this would have been so helpful :’) The pomodoro method works wonders for me!! I’ve found it to be so helpful on a day-to-day basis with my classes. Allowing myself to get distracted is always a good one too x

  10. These are great tips for getting motivated! I love that you mention self care. There are definitely days when no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get motivated. Instead of beating myself up, I like the idea of honouring and respecting those feelings, then tending to them. It is a much healthier way to deal with those feelings. Thanks for sharing your motivational tools!

  11. Motivation is a tricky thing for me. Some days it comes in rivers and I can get everything done. Other days it kind of trickles and I trickle with it, so I love your tips for helping motivation be a bit more constant! Love the idea of keeping motivational quotes and reminders of past successes around.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. I find the idea of motivational backgrounds really interesting. The techniques are also super helpful, I’m an avid list maker and find goals help me stay on track. I also think there’s a difference between being busy and being productive so try and look at what I’m doing and make sure it’s the best use of my time. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I had never thought of putting my motivational helpers into a “toolkit” like this, I know what I am doing now! I have been having sessions with a coach since last year. I have found that they have really helped me in many ways.

  14. These are truly wonderful suggestions! My issue isn’t with motivation – I’m plenty motivated – it’s knowing when to STOP once I’ve started haha. I’m a workaholic (total opposite issue, I guess?) but I certainly utilize a lot of these things to keep me going, even when it’s tough!

  15. It’s been hard to be motivated in 2021. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, or some personal stuff that’s been happening but my creativity feels zapped. I’ve had days where I do little, and days where I am sooo proud of myself for doing what I did. But I feel like I need a toolbox, a pick me up–something!

    Thanks for sharing Jenny, this is definitely good food for thought.

  16. Hi Jenny. Great post – so many people are finding it tough to do even the simplest of things at the moment. It’s Pandemic Procrastination!
    My favourite motivational quote is “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

  17. Great post. Often motivation is the result of action. Then momentum takes over – like a Boulder rolling down the hill. I like to remind myself that starting is always the hardest part. Motivational reading in the morning is a great way to start the day aswell. Thank you for sharing Jenny 🙏

  18. I love this idea of a motivational toolbox! For me I’m definitely a creative who thrives when interacting with other creatives os keeping a list of Podcasts, Youtube videos and blog posts handy would definitely be great to help with my motivation levels – especially when I’m struggling with low mental health.

  19. Great suggestions! Listening to podcasts have REALLY helped me when I’m in need of a little motivation. There are some GREAT options out there too. Personally, my favourite is specific to the pet niche, it’s called Wag Wear Repeat, a podcast about pet ownership and succeeding as a blogger/influencer. I recommend it for everyone, even if you aren’t in the pet niche. She has some valuable tips and tricks!

  20. I love this post! Motivation is a tricky beast. I feel like some days, I’m riding on its back like it’s a magical winged horse… and other days, it’s more like an old, tired cat that’s decided to sit by the radiator all day and snore 😄 So for the tired cat days, this a great set of tools to keep going and keep focused on my goals. I like what you said about finding balance and giving yourself a break for self-care or to let yourself be distracted sometimes. And surrounding ourselves with motivational people, words and inspiration is key! Your blog definitely comes into that category – thanks for sharing! x

  21. This is such a great idea! I really struggle with motivation. Some days I have more than I know what to do with, but then there are many weeks or months where I can’t find any. It’s so hard to find a balance. I love this idea for a motivational toolbox though!

    Thanks for sharing Jenny.

    Kate |

  22. I’ve not heard this term before but actually, you’re right, it’s such a good thing to have. And the one thing I’d always have in mine is an accountability partner (in this case, probably my husband). He’s so supportive and whenever I have a wobble, he always sets me right again. Great tips, Jenny! xx

  23. I really love this post ❤ Quotes/postcard prints really help me, my latest one that I bought is ‘Life is tough, But so are you’ – very helpful in the current climate xx

  24. Haha “ stuffing our faces with Domino’s and watching How To Get Away With Murder” I relate to this so hard! I agree on watching other content creators can be motivational. I recently started a podcast, I’ve never listened to one before and am enjoying it.

  25. This post is so helpful! I have been having a hard time the last few weeks and keep forcing myself to do things just because of my to do list. Yesterday I took some time for myself and it helped a lot! Quotes really help as well as a playlist of songs that pumps me up as well as my mood! I will try and look on more motivational book, thanks for sharing Jenny x

  26. Accountability partner works so well for me! I find I’m much more motivated if I know someone is expecting something done by a certain time, for me I pretty need a deadline to work towards! I also love the idea of letting yourself get distracted for a bit and not just powering through. Great post!

  27. I love the idea of a motivational tool kit. I am struggling so much right now, I just don’t do well with such uncertainty. PLus I think after my fall down the stairs a few weeks ago, i am physically unable to do a lot of things and that instantly makes my motivation dwindle.

    I have a plan for half term though and I hope that I can use these tips and this time to really gain control of my motivation.

    Great post Jenny x x

    1. So sorry to hear about you fall! I have been through that too, recently. And that’s when I really became profoundly aware of how resilient my body is (because I barely bruised, and didn’t break any bones or such), from doing years of Pilates, yoga, qigong, and (shocker!), fascia blasting! ❤️🦋🌀

  28. It’s difficult to be motivated, when people ignore the regulations and don’t keep,their distance from others. I love walking in our local park which is large and only 500 yards from our home, but young runners seem to ignore the unless and most are young ladies in the 20-30 years of age group.
    However I still try to keep motives to keep fit on my exercise bike, slow it may be but I get there.

  29. This post has literally come at the best time. I’ve been in the worst slump that I’ve been in for ages over the last couple of weeks and it’s getting to the point where my MH is plummeting. I love the tips you’ve included in here – and a good reminder to dig out my podcasts again and start listening!

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