ad collaborative post // It’s no secret that the home improvements industry has seen incredible growth during the pandemic – you may well be reading this at home, irritated by an untackled repair job or two. What happens when all the repairs have been done though? Will the home improvements craze fade away? Research from organizations like Globe News Wire, specialist research and markets outlet, suggests not – predicting 4.1% growth for this sector in the USA alone.

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Why will home improvements continue to be a growth area?

Home improvements are moving way beyond a spot of redecorating or finally getting round to all those niggly repairs. Spending so much time at home has led people to consider how they actually use – and want to use – their space.

Rather than slavishly following trends, such as the rash of open plan living that swept the nation in the last decade, people are considering what they actually want from their space. Rooms dismissed as old fashioned, like a study or separate lounge, are now seen as a sanctuary away from the hubbub and bustle of day to day life.

Which type of home improvements franchise is likely to benefit most?

This one is hard to call – perhaps because the growth in need for home improvement services is likely to continue across the board. Skilled trades are an obvious area and anyone embarking on a franchising opportunity in the plumbing or building trade will have a ready market.

These skills take time to acquire though, and many people are seeking a way to use existing business and management skills within this area. It’s likely that we’ll see an increase in home improvement and services franchises that offer specialist supply too, as well as home maintenance services.

Is it possible to set up a home improvements franchise without extensive practical skills?

It certainly is. Several franchise opportunities offer exactly this. Something like Refresh Renovations – an innovative concept that brings together traditional trades to create cohesive, consistent quality, which naturally leads to happier customers and reliable growth.

The required skill set is around quality management and sound business acumen rather than physical skills in the construction sector. Low cost franchises like this offer tradespeople the freedom to focus on what they do best, offer customers the reliability they crave and offer franchisees a way into an increasingly lucrative market.

Is it all about getting into the big projects?

All this talk of renovation makes that a reasonable assumption, but we’re seeing that many of the home improvements franchises in the UK today are specialists. There are companies with a focus on interior design who specialise in things like plantation shutters or the supply of splashbacks, or delivering a top to toe redesign.

You’ll also find franchises concerned with the fabric of the building that offer solutions to damp problems, or the perpetual issues around storage by fitting a simple way to access the attic. Above all, a franchise offers consistency of quality and that is something that every homeowner craves.

Is the increased growth in home improvements having an impact on other franchises?

As you may expect, the answer to this is yes. As people begin to see the true potential of their home, the desire to make it the very best it can be is influencing other areas. People are seeking to maximise their outdoor space, leading to a boom in gardening businesses and franchise opportunities alongside building renovations. It’s likely that our love affair with our homes will continue long after the return to the workplace has begun too.

As people have learned to love their homes and see the benefit of giving them solid attention, we expect to see an uptick in demand for home maintenance and cleaning services – adding growth to an already burgeoning sector. People will want to keep their homes and gardens in the pristine conditions they’ve become accustomed to.

Whether you want to capitalise on your existing skills in the construction industries, find a way to reuse your top-notch management and business skills, or simply want to discover a new niche to make your mark in, there are a wide range of franchising resources out there to help you get started on your next big career adventure.


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