ad collaborative post // Displaying art is a popular way to add personality and style to a home, but it can also create a therapeutic experience. It’s well-known that art can provoke thoughts and opinions, but its influence on mental well-being is often underestimated.

Botanical posters on the wall in a living room interior with white cabinet, wooden lamp and plants

Viewing art can induce a range of feelings that help you feel more balanced, fulfilled, and calm. Continue reading to discover how and which types of art can spur an emotional response.


Art adds life, character, and warmth to a room, making it feel cosy and homey, whereas bare walls can be disconcerting. According to a study conducted by neurobiologist Semir Zeki, when viewing beautiful art, your brain releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical.

You can optimise the happiness art brings by choosing pieces that incorporate positive themes and colours. Yellow symbolises sunshine, cheer, and energy, which is perfect for elevating your mood.

Showcasing artwork in your home also allows you to express your personality, taste, interests, and passions, which can bring you endless joy.

Human connection

Social connections increase feelings of belonging, self-esteem, and empathy. However, you don’t always have to be physically present with people to forge these connections, as it can strike from something that makes you feel understood, like art.

Finding art that you have an emotional connection with can help you feel less lonely as it connects you to the artist, who has physically produced this piece to tell a story.

The online gallery, Bleur Art, offers a range of unique artwork from independent artists who share their stories and creative process on the platform to allow art buyers to become a part of their journeys.

Art can also prompt a strong reaction and conversation about how the piece made you feel, your thoughts, and why you liked or disliked it. This discussion can generate a feeling of togetherness that nurtures the soul.

Relieves stress

A previous study from the University of Westminster found that participants felt less stressed after visiting an art gallery on their lunch for just 35 minutes.

Choosing artwork with the following colours can maximise calmness:

  • Blue is the colour of the mind and can encourage clear thinking, stability, and serenity.
  • Green is soothing as it’s associated with the natural world.
  • Pink can be comforting as it symbolises romance, love, kindness, and softness

Increase productivity

Artwork can help motivate you and boost creativity, making it a perfect addition to a home office. Just the presence of impressive art that you love could inspire you to deliver remarkable work. You could also display typography prints with motivational quotes to help you feel ready for the day.

In a YouGov study, almost a third of respondents believed artwork should be placed in workplaces to boost productivity. As well as this, nearly a fifth said art could help stimulate creative discussion and is crucial for brainstorming and problem-solving.

Emotional maturity

Art is a powerful medium that can introduce fresh perspectives and ideas that you may not have been exposed to otherwise. This type of art can encourage you to reflect on important topics, causing you to grow and potentially alter your outlook.

Previous research found that students who visited an art museum displayed higher social tolerance, stronger critical thinking skills, and increased historical empathy. Another study discovered visual art production increased psychological resilience in respondents.

Improve memory

It’s believed that viewing artwork can improve your memory as it’s a visual medium designed to linger in your thoughts.

Displaying art that you purchased as a memento or that holds sentimental value can trigger happy memories whenever you view it too.


Similarly to any form of interior design, investing in artwork can make you feel proud of your home and give you feelings of satisfaction whenever you view it on your wall.

Considering your chosen artwork’s emotional influence can help you curate a positive atmosphere in your home full of self-expression.


  1. I think displaying art at home can definitely influence your emotions. When Lewis and I first moved in together we didn’t earn a lot of money so struggled to finish our home off with anything other than some photo frames and other bits and bobs that were given to us by relatives. I always found the house a bit bland and hated it. A few years later we both have different jobs and are earning more money so I have filled the house with art that reflects us and our personalities and I have noticed that I am a lot happier within the house, I don’t hate it and think that actually now it looks really fun and personalised.

  2. I completely agree that art can relieve stress and make you happy! I didn’t know it could also improve memory. can’t wait to have my own space to display some prints! Thank you for sharing x

  3. Art definitely us emotionally. We can display artwork in our homes that reflects the things we love. I have a number of beach/ocean scenes. I also have lots of pictures with flowers. They do elevate your mood…it is uplifting to see these beautiful paintings. And, yes, it is wonderful to go to a gallery and see so much diversity and beauty depicted in the artwork.

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