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I can’t speak for the rest of the world but here in the UK, it feels like the pandemic has lasted forever. Partially due to our idiotic government. Partially due to the thousands who flock to the beach every time there’s a hint of sun and not staying socially distance. But it really has gone on and on.

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And now we have this blueprint towards the end of the pandemic, where more and more things open up and the country gradually starts returning to “normal”. Whatever the heck that’s going to be.

Although it’s very hard to see anything being normal right now, we have to trust that it will. This can’t last forever.

But the impact of the pandemic, the lessons we’ve learned and the steps we’ll be taking going forward are likely to last for a very long time. I think we’ve all questioned what we knew and some things we done before all this.

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For example, I remember one of the first times my Mum used a cash point after the first lockdown in March 2020 and I was thinking like how GROSS was it that we all readily touched those things without gloves on before? Eeek.

Although the pandemic has been an absolute nightmare, I do believe that some good has come from it.

I do have a whole blog post coming up about the good things that have come from the pandemic from me personally but even collectively, I think we’ve learned the value of connection more, become more aware of our hygiene habits and also taken the time to slow down.

Continuing to stay safe in a post-COVID world (tell me we’re not in a dystopian novel right now) will be mega important. Here are some ways we can do it:

Continuing to wear masks on some occasions

I think I will continuing wearing a mask in some situations long after COVID is over. I know right now we all still need to wear masks but I imagine there will be a time in the future where it’s not necessary but up to the individual whether they want to or not.

I definitely think places like doctors surgeries, on public transport or in enclosed spaces are places I’d still consider wearing a mask in. And there are always plenty of masks for sale and you can even find a medical-grade N95 mask for sale  if you want one.

Although masks are enough to protect you from coronavirus and other diseases, wearing respirators is also advisable for those working in the food or agriculture industries. Respirators will protect them from inhaling hazardous substances in the air aside from COVID-19. Make sure to get top-quality respirators from trusted suppliers online to ensure full protection.

Staying up to date with jabs and tests

The jab roll out is well and truly underway and I’ve loved hearing so many people talk about their loved ones having their jabs or them their selves! I haven’t had mine yet – I’ll probably be one of the very last ones due to my age and medical history! But I know when I do, I’ll definitely be staying up to date with vaccinations and I hope other people will too.

I think testing is also something that will be important to keep up with post COVID. COVID test kits are so readily available now that there’s no excuse not to really! From lateral flow tests to antibody tests to nasal swab tests, they’re available for competitive prices which are great for companies who employ a large workforce!

Washing our hands more regularly

I really can’t believe it took a whole pandemic to make us realise how important washing our hands is but there we are. I’m hoping washing our hands more is something everyone will keep up with!

Wearing gloves when touching things – like cash points!

Like I said earlier, I can’t believe we used to touch things like cash points, which are being touched all day, every day but hundreds of different fingers and potential germs without a second thought. We wouldn’t wear gloves or wash our hands afterwards and God knows how many times we would have put our hands on our face afterwards.

It kinda makes me a feel a bit sick, actually.

Working from home more

Working from home has been a game changer for so many people and I think so many companies have realised that they can function – sometimes better – with employees who are working from home! So although this is strictly a safety concern, it’s still something I’d love to see happen more post-COVID.

Being stricter with ourselves when we are ill

Before COVID, it wasn’t uncommon to go into work even though we had a cold or the flu. Probably infecting multiple people on our commutes and whilst at work itself. And even with our social lives; we often powered through, regardless of the fact we were ill.

I hope in our personal lives this pandemic has taught us to be kinder to ourselves when we’re ill and actually take time to rest, stay at home and recover. And for companies, I hope this has taught them that having employees at work whilst they’re ill isn’t helping anyone!

I think these are all important lessons that we’ve learned from this COVID situation and some which we can definitely take forward with us. I know I will continue to do a bunch of these things to stay safe in a post-COVID world.

How will you be staying safe in a post-COVID world?


  1. Thanks for sharing, I will be trying to avoid large crowds and hoping people will be keeping their social distance from me as this makes anxious that people getting close to me, also that we will be kinder about mental health of everybody 🙂

  2. I try my best to stay avoid large groups of people when grocery shopping or other essential things. If I eat in public, I try to do it outdoors to decrease the likelihood of infection.

  3. You make so many good points here. I so agree with the hand-washing. It is so easy to pick up germs. It just makes sense to wash your hands more often. And the masks do make sense in many circumstances. The idea of more people working from home is a great thing. I think long after the pandemic is over, working from home will be commonplace for anyone who can arrange it.

  4. Definitely agree with all of these points! My work is saying that we may not even go back to an office, which secretly I’m not mad about. There’s a new normal coming!

  5. I am in Los Angeles so we are not post covid yet. I will never partake in pot lucks again at work. I am working on building a creative business. I loved staying at home and working on my art.

  6. I will definitely keep wearing a mask, mostly when I am sick and inside space, transport. Washing hands more frequently as well as carrying sanitizer with all the time. I work in hospitality so can’t work from home, but trying to make the switch hopefully! Thanks for sharing x

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. The funny thing is most of what you’ve listed is so doable. We don’t have to make any special effort for them but still some (most?) choose negligence. Let’s hope for the best. x

  8. Totally agree with these too! I think it’ll be an interesting world once it’s “over” but I’ll still keep up with mask wearing and things like that moving forward. It’s hard to stay positive and see the light but we’re almost there!

  9. I love all your points! I definitely would like to keep the mask rule in place post-pandemic as I feel so much more comfortable in general – and working from home too x

  10. I’ve been working from home even before pandemic. I rarely go out – but if I have go out, I always wear long sleeve or jacket, bring my hand sanitize, and others things to stay safe from covid. These are such a FAB tips, Jen. Thanks for sharing x

  11. Fantastic post! I can’t stress enough the importance of continuing to adhere to the COVID regulations. We have major issues over here, specfically with men, not wearing masks despite not being exempt. They even make a joke of it! I am really not looking forward to restrictions lifting in that sense. It’ll just give them more excuses.

  12. Such a good list here! As much as I hate wearing a mask, I will definitely keep it up especially around flu season etc! Working from home has been a dream for me, and like you said if it works, why send us all back to the office? Fingers crossed we get out of this mess soon!

  13. I’ve started realizing how much of a germaphobe I am thanks to this pandemic, and I will absolutely continue wearing gloves and masks whenever it’s necessary. I’ve always brought hand sanitizer with me everywhere and that’s not going to change x

  14. I’ve been having the lateral flow testing twice a week because of visiting my uni (even though they’ve closed my department until restrictions are eased) and I think I’ll genuinely still have it done once things open up again – it’s such an easy way to know of if you’re infected or not, and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes!

    If anything the pandemic has pointed out to me how germy some things are so I think there will be a few activities I sit out on once we restrictions are lifted. A great post with some fab tips x

  15. These are great suggestions. I’m definitely washing my hands a lot more than pre-pandemic and plan on keeping that up because why not? I agree with wearing masks – I used to get every cold going when it came to commuting so would be good to keep that under control.

  16. I defintely will continue washing my hands even after the pandemic is over. I hope we can work from home more too even when it’s safe to go back to the office.

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