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Doing our part to help the environment is super important – we all know that. But I think sometimes people are pressured into the “all or nothing” mindset, which is really damaging and not helpful in any way. We can all do our bit. And as long as we’re all making some small changes in various areas of our lives, then that’s amazing!

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For me, I’m very cautious of my skincare. I only use cruelty free products and have started to make sure my products are also Vegan, so I know I’m never contributing towards harming animals, for the sake of a face cream. Fashion is another area of sustainability I’ve been keen to explore too.

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At the start of 2020, I began my own journey of sustainable fashion. Although I have definitely slipped up once or twice along the way (which is also important to note because humans aren’t perfect), I’m still much more sustainable with my fashion than I was before.

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Starting small and starting somewhere is my motto. That might mean cutting out meat for one day of the week. Or swapping your skincare for something more eco-friendly. Even finding one or two new sustainable fashion brands to keep on hand for when you next need to purchase something for your wardrobe.

Brands like bamigo for men are a great starting point because all their products are made from bamboo. Bamboo is carbon neutral; a plant that absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it releases during harvesting. I’ve purchased a couple of pairs of bamboo leggings in the past and I can confirm that they are super soft and mega comfortable! Bamigo also have a great post on the benefits of bamboo clothing here!

4 environmental benefits of using bamboo clothing:

It doesn’t need artificial watering to grow

Bamboo is amazing because all it needs is sunlight and rainwater to grow. The average water footprint for 1kg of cotton is 10,000 litres. So for that reason, bamboo is already a much more sustainable material for your clothes. With water scarcity a real problem in the world, this is a really important point.

It has a high nitrogen intake

Bamboo has an amazing impact on the greenhouse effect. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases over 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to an equivalent mass of trees. This makes bamboo excellent for absorbing greenhouse gases and producing clean, fresh oxygen.

It’s the fastest growing plant on Earth

And it produces 10 times as much product per hectare than cotton. This means it can be harvested 4-6 times per year and less land is required for plantations. Bamboo is a mega productive plant and simply regenerates after harvest – and quickly too!

No soil erosion

Bamboo roots stay in the ground after harvest. Bamboo has a super strong root system, which allows the soil to remain stable which prevents soil erosion. With bamboo roots contributing to fertile soil, it helps plants bloom and thrive above ground. Cool, huh?

So why should you choose bamboo clothing?

If the above 4 reasons aren’t enough to sway you (which they totally should be), here are some additional reasons why you should opt for bamboo clothing and why bamboo is the way forward!

  • It’s stronger than cotton and will outlast cotton in strength, shape and durability
  • It dyes easier so requires less dye for coloration
  • It’s more absorbent and breathable and can get rid of moisture faster
  • The thermal regulating effect of bamboo fibres helps you stay sweat-free and feeling fresh
  • It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t trigger allergic reactions
  • It contains natural UV protection and can filter more harmful rays (but please still use sunscreen!)
  • It’s just a super soft material to wear!

How do you feel about bamboo clothing after reading this? Do you buy or wear bamboo clothing yourself or would you consider it after reading the benefits?


  1. Sarees crafted using yarns of natural fibres extracted from plants such as jute, bamboo, banana, hemp, aloe vera, etc. are called eco-friendly sarees. Each fabric made from these organic plants has a unique environmental quality that makes them nature-friendly. For instance, jute fibres are 100% processable, and there is no window of wastage when you yarn a saree out of this fabric. Similarly, other fibres too have some properties that lend them the tag of being organic.
    Bamboos have always set themselves apart with their unusually slender, and beautiful appearance. We all have witnessed the use of Bamboo strips, or rather straws, in hats, and shoes. The bast fibre (the fibres extracted from the inside of bamboo plants) is spun using a yarn to model the bamboo fabric. Bamboo does not just seem green, but is green in terms of temperature. With commendable absorption capacity, bamboo fibres engulf the heat, making it breathable and cool to wear in summers. That, and its potency to fight bacteria has made it the new age sustainable fibre.
    Instead of this bamboo made; banana made also there
    What ever clothing we use; if yarns made of natural fibres and natural dye than its good for us.

  2. I’m really interested in this kind of post and sustainability as a whole. I like the idea of using bamboo in clothing, I will look into this more!


  3. I have never tried bamboo clothing, but I think I will start investing in some pieces. I try to go for a sustainable wardrobe, but sustainable cotton is one of the main ones you’ll find. Thank you for sharing these benefits! I find that sustainable clothing are better quality and last longer, so save you money in the long run too!

    Em x

  4. I genuinely didn’t know that bamboo had so many good factors for clothing! This was a really insightful post for me. I personally really love being sustainable with clothing when I can x

  5. A few years ago my husband and I bought bamboo sheet sets for our bed from a local fair and I can confirm they are by far the best sheets we own. Also, 3 years of washing and drying later and they have not pilled, ripped, or shrunk. Definitely recommend bamboo fabrics!

  6. I think you just blew my mind a bit. I’m not sure I even knew this was a thing!! But wow, the positive effect it has is quite incredible – I’ll definitely be hunting down some brands that sell bamboo clothes. Thank you!

  7. I didn’t know all the benefits to bamboo clothing! Thanks so much for sharing them all! This post was so informative and helpful!

  8. This was such an interesting post. I’ve never worn anything made of bamboo before but after reading this, I’m definitely going to try something out.

  9. Bamboo is a truly amazing and almost magical plant with some many properties. It is inspiring to see people finding ways to harvest it responsibly and craft things from cutlery to furniture to clothing that lasts.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this! I am looking for new leg wear, so the bamboo leggings sound perfect for me. <3

    1. From a consumer POV it’s probably because most people aren’t aware of the damaging impacts of cotton and the benefits of bamboo plus bamboo clothing will be more expensive x

  10. I have a t-shirt made out of bamboo and honestly it is so soft and washes really well. Interesting to read the benefits though. I had no idea just how good it was for the environment x

  11. I knew about bamboo clothing but not about how good it is! I knew it was good for the environment, but there’s so much more that I learned about it, I bought some socks and they’re the softest thing I ever had, need to check out some brands for some clothing x

  12. I never knew this about bamboo. I knew it was better for the environment to grow etc. But never realised it was more durable and thermal regulating!

  13. I use a lot of bamboo products in my life but I have not thought about clothing! I mean I don’t buy a lot of clothing anyway, but this is a great thing to think about if I ever wanted to buy some new clothes xx

  14. I have a bamboo cutlery and also the plant itself but I never heard about bamboo clothing before! Interesting. I’ll try to find it around my house – thanks for sharing Jen!

  15. Starting small and starting somewhere is a simple and acceptable idea dear. I agree with your approach. Happy to see that you are doing your work joyfully.💐💐👍

  16. I didn’t knew that using bamboo clothing is so good for the environment. I honestly didn’t even realise clothes can be made from bamboo. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll definitely try to be more mindful when it comes to buying clothes.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  17. I have a lot of bamboo cutlery and cups, but I never considered to wear bamboo clothing.. It sounds really interesting and I would love to try it though! Thank you for sharing this x

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