AD // Anyone with a dog will understand the amount they sleep. I know my lovely little boy Rory absolutely LOVES to spend hours in the afternoon snoozing, upside down, with his paws in the air. In his bed, on the sofa, on my bed, my parents bed – anywhere soft and comfy and he’s all over that for an afternoon nap!

The amount of sleep and the quality of sleep that your dog gets is SO important for their general health and well-being. And considering sleep contributes to a huge part of their day and their routine, it’s not something that should be ignored or not given the utmost attention to.

Lord and Labradors are launching their incredible #SleepForDogs campaign, to encourage us to take better care of our dog’s needs around sleep, share tips and advice and learn more about what makes the perfect sleeping spot and routine for our besties!

Adult dogs need around 12-15 hours of sleep a day, split between naps and night-time. That number goes up to around 18 hours of sleep a day for puppies. So as you can see, regardless of their age, sleep is MEGA important for dogs. If they’re sleeping a lot – it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It’s just what they do!

Dogs might sleep during the day for a number of reasons. Because there isn’t anything better to do, because they’re comfy and like to nap (like me!) or because they’re tried from exercise and being active. When your dog needs to sleep, it will. So it’s important that we, as owners, understand their needs and ensure they’re given the best quality sleep!

How can we create the perfect sleep spot and conditions for our four-legged best friends?

Try sticking to a routine

Us humans have night-time routines – our dogs benefit from them too! We often find benefit from winding down for the day, doing relaxing activities in the evening and not getting too hyped up before bed. This is definitely the same for dog’s as well. Try and ensure night time is peaceful and relaxing to set them up for a relaxing snooze!

Before bed comfort break

I don’t know about anyone else but I absolutely CAN’T sleep if I need a wee and I’m often up throughout the night to go a pee because I’m not comfortable if I don’t. Dogs can’t just get up and use the lavatory, so making sure you take them out right before bed for a last minute wee will help to make sure they don’t wake up in the night needing the loo, getting restless, waking you up and weeing on the floor!

Ensure that their sleeping space is comfortable

We as humans don’t like sleeping somewhere uncomfortable so it’s safe to say that our dog’s don’t want to either! If your dog isn’t getting comfortable or not sleeping in it’s dedicated sleeping spot, then it might be worth looking at whether it’s comfortable enough for them. Some things to consider are:

  • Is your pet’s bed or crate big enough for their breed?
  • Is it comfortable and cushioned?
  • Is the place where your pet sleeps quiet enough for them not to be disturbed?
  • Is it warm enough and away from draughts?
  • Is it a peaceful space to sleep away from any sudden noises?

Ensure they stick to their dedicated sleeping spot

If you’ve covered all of the above points, then your dog should have a lovely and comfortable dedicated spot to sleep in. As tempting as it can be to snuggle with your dog, try and avoid allowing them to sleep in your bed in the night. Doing this might mean both of you end up having a restless night’s sleep and that’s no good for either of your health!

Time their dinner just right

Unlike humans, who are encouraged NOT to eat before bed, the same can’t be said for adult dogs. It’s said that dogs sleep better on a fuller stomach, so try and time their dinner for a little later in the evening. This might not be the case for puppies though, who have smaller tummies and might wake up needing the loo.

Speak to your vet if they’re struggling to sleep

If your doggo is really struggling to sleep then obviously the best thing you can do is take them to the vet. It could be a number of things affecting their sleep and it’s important to get to the bottom of it. Especially if you feel like you have all the above strategies and tips in place already and your pooch is still struggling.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? What do you do to ensure your dog gets the best sleep possible? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out Lords and Labradors for a huge selection of beds, crates, cushions and more to ensure the best sleep possible for your four-legged friend!


  1. I wish I could sleep like my dog! She’s quite a big dog, but sh gets herself wrapped up in the cosiest little ball it’s unbelievable. I didn’t know that about the eating before bed thing. We usually put her dinner out around 7pm, but there’s some evenings she wont touch it until gone 10pm so that makes sense!


  2. It’s really comprehensive written. I love to read this one a lot. My pet has been sleeping on the same place from the time he coming my house. He don’t wanted to change his place any time. He feel comfy outside house or balcony. He’s a kind of kid feel very. He never sleep on bed and curtains even I bought him a new one. He never feel using that. Even I am spending a lot of time to assure he is staying in bed and talking to him too, but it never worked out.

  3. These are some really helpful tips. Fresh clean blankets are always a massive hit with our dogs. I haven’t got our dogs cool mats but if this weather keeps up, I may have too. But cold carrot snacks from the freezer are a great way to keep them cool. Thank you for sharing Jenny xx

  4. Very cute yet educational post! My dog sleeps about anywhere, but I decided last week to try and get my cat a bed to sleep in. I got her a small dog bed and she loves it, and she’s currently sleeping in it now! My actually dog though doesn’t like dog beds, he much prefers regular sofas and beds. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Fab post Jenny Tinky loves a good snooze 💤 she prefers her side of the bed but will always stretch out and sometimes push me out of the bed! She comes down in a morning & has her wee then it’s either sleep on blankets on the sofa or she goes back to bed 🤣

  6. These are such good tips! I try to keep my dog on a schedule! At first I didn’t think it would work because sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night with THE MOST energy and want to play. But now that he’s a full adult, he pretty much sticks to it!

  7. I have 3 dogs and they’re 7 years old now. I love watching they sleep, so adorable! It’s good that they don’t have sleep issue, they always sleep so peacefully haha I got them 3 beds but they like to sleep anywhere that makes them comfortable and warm x

  8. I have been living with dogs all my life, so I have been missing having my own here. All these tips are great and now that we live with a cat I can wholeheartedly agree that most of them works for them too! Our cat loves to sleep everywhere he finds more comfy x

  9. I don’t have my own dog but my sister does and my mum is desperate for one. This is so helpful, especially now it’s much warmer.
    Sending this to my sister now


  10. I love that I got this in my inbox and you’ve just met cheddar on mine hahah! But I wholeheartedly agree with routine! I try not to WFH a lot either cause I noticed cheddar likes the routine of me not being there in the day to nap! I’m going to check out the brand for sure! Anything for my little Prince 😂

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