ad collaborative post // Sight is perhaps the most precious sensation we have, and that is why we must protect it as best we can. Preventive examinations performed at the ophthalmologist are the most effective and simple way to protect our eyes from diseases that threaten them, especially in cases where we often travel, burdening our eyesight with constant sun exposure.

Unfortunately, most of us visit the ophthalmologist only when we realize that we have a problem with our vision. However, many eye diseases do not show symptoms at first, so experts advise us to visit the ophthalmologist at least once a year for a general examination.

In addition, with the ophthalmological examinations, the doctor can diagnose some diseases that first appear in the eyes, such as, for example, diabetes or hypertension. Ophthalmological examinations today are more reliable than ever, as the ophthalmologist has many modern machines at his disposal, which can accurately diagnose most ophthalmological problems. So let’s find out some reasons why you need to take care of your eyes, especially if you’re a frequent traveller:

Ophthalmic diseases are constantly increasing

It is a fact that the modern way of life, and in particular the constant movements and travels, can create several problems in our eyesight. Our extensive exposure to the sun, without proper protection, can create chronic problems, which, if not diagnosed in time, may create bigger problems in the long run. Therefore, a regular check of your vision can prevent any vision problem, especially if you travel frequently and burden your overall vision function with your overall lifestyle.

There are obvious eye diseases, but also some others that are accidentally detected with a preventive eye examination

While some eye conditions can be self-explanatory, others require a more thorough examination and may cause more severe problems with your general vision. There are, of course, dozens of different types of eye exams, such as refractive examination, retinal tomography, ultrasound and optical field examination, among others, where they can detect more internal diseases that are impossible to detect by the patient himself.

So we have to be very careful and meticulous in controlling our vision, because there may be various problems until recently we may have been unaware of their existence.

The modern way of life and everyday life require a strong vision

It is a fact that the modern way of life, with the various demanding activities of people, puts our own vision to a kind of “test”. So our image should be protected and secured in such a way that it can cope with the visual challenges of our travels and, in general, of our time. And we would say that it is built with the frequent control of our vision by an experienced ophthalmologist.

A normal eye examination is required for each traveller

An eye examination on the part of the patient is necessary for the immediate diagnosis of possible diseases and illnesses. With this examination, an ophthalmologist will be able to determine how well you can see and if there is a refractive error, such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism – conditions that are pretty common in people.

Such exams were good to be done once a year by everyone – travellers and not. If any problem is found, an experienced doctor, such as Aris Konstantopoulos of Aris Vision Correction, will probably recommend you have a more specialized examination. Therefore, the control of visual acuity is necessary and should always be performed in ophthalmological clinics as part of a general check-up of your eyes.

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  1. You made a great point when you said that traveling a lot can be straining and having a good vision will be crucial to making the most of our travels. The strain our eyes go through is pretty extensive, so it’ll be important to make the necessary precautions. My husband and I have been traveling around quite a lot recently and I was wondering if there were any health risks. Thanks for letting me know it could possibly be straining on my vision, and that I should take regular eye exams.

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