ad collaborative post // What are your priorities in a career? Potential high earnings and financial security? The chance to travel and lead a glam lifestyle? A vocation that keeps you physically fit and mentally healthy? Perhaps a job that’s satisfying because, put simply, it makes a difference?

If you’re dissatisfied with your current gig but not sure what you’d like to do instead, perhaps you need to open your mind to the huge variety of jobs on offer out there.

With that in mind, here are five careers that can be strangely satisfying:

1. Gravedigger

Granted, being a gravedigger is hardly a barrel of laughs. But hear us out – it’s a highly physical job which will give you one of the best daily workouts of your life, you’re performing an essential service and (because you’ll attend the funerals), you’re contributing to caring for people during some of their most challenging times. Sounds interesting? Check out this advice from the National Careers Service.

2. Events steward

Events stewards are responsible for public safety at sports matches, music events, festivals and the like – and it’s the type of role where you have to be constantly vigilant and aren’t paid a huge salary.

However, it’s a great training foundation for moving into other areas in the security industry, such as bodyguarding or door work, and you’ll experience the unique atmosphere at some amazing, history-making events.

3. Foot Health Practitioner

Let’s face it – caring for people’s feet is few people’s dream job. But becoming a Foot Health Practitioner can be a rewarding and lucrative vocation, with a recent increase in demand due to an ageing population in many nations.

Furthermore, with a few years of formal training you can also become a chiropodist or podiatrist – see the IOCP website for further guidance.

4. Removal person

Another physical profession, working as a removal man doesn’t often include shunting an upright piano up a flight of stairs these days, but it still involves lots of heavy lifting – in private homes, private businesses and public sector businesses.

Furthermore, if you work for one of the more established firms, like Pickfords for example, you might help music stars and even royalty move house.

5. Dentist

Working as any type of medical professional can be rewarding – but when you think about it, being a dentist at a diverse business like Portman Smile Clinic is a role where you’re part practitioner and

part counsellor. Why? Because as well as providing core services like filling cavities, you can fit braces and make clients feel great about themselves again.

Dental training is tough and takes years of study, but a very worthwhile career awaits.

Do any of these five (strangely satisfying) careers float your boat? If so, why not give them a whirl? A new job can make your life healthier and happier in a heartbeat – it’s always worth doing something you love.

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