ad collaborative post // Personal safety alarms are a great way to keep yourself safe. Personal safety alarms, rape alarm, and attack alarm all refer to the same thing: a device that can be worn or carried on your person for protection from attackers. Personal safety alarms may also be called personal security alarms or panic buttons.

Personal security is an important issue for many people these days, with so much violence in society today.

Personal safety has been highlighted in the world we live in today, we would expect to feel and be safer in our communities but as shown with the Sarah Everard case, we aren’t.

We are going to look at how personal safety alarms can reduce the risk of coming into danger and how to use them. Personal safety is important not just for those who work outside of their homes but also those who travel at night alone, walk their dogs or live in high-crime areas where they could become victims.

What are Personal Safety Alarms?

Personal safety alarms are small devices that emit a loud noise such as an alarm or siren when activated, most commonly used by women. Personal safety alarms are non-lethal and legal to carry around in any country. The alarms come in different shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common: once activated it emits a loud siren and flashing light to bring attention to your situation and deter an attacker.

How to Use a Personal Safety Alarm?

Personal safety alarms are easy to use. Personal safety alarms have a small pin that you activate by pulling and the device will emit a loud siren, flashing light and most likely attract attention from people within earshot of the alarm. Personal safety alarms (or rape alarms) can be attached to backpacks or carried in handbags so they are easily accessible in the case of an emergency, such as sexual harassment.

Who Uses a Safety Alarm?

With 1 in 4 women in the UK experiencing sexual harassment by the time they are 18, women have been using these attack alarms more frequently.  Personal safety alarms are also frequently used by people going on a night out, at festivals and concerts. Personal alarm devices have been shown to reduce crime in City centres during the day time with shoppers using personal security alarms.

Another large user group is dog owners, with the price of dogs skyrocketing in lockdown more dogs were being stolen.  Personal attack alarms can be used to deter an attacker but also in the case of a dog walker being attacked while walking their pet to stop it being stolen.

How Do They Keep You Safe?

Safety alarms can be used to deter an attacker and in some cases scare them off. Personal security devices also emit a loud noise that will attract attention from others around you.

Which Personal Safety Alarm is Right for Me?

Ashley is the number one personal safety alarm in the UK, it has the loudest alarm – at 130dB – and a large flashing strobe that’s activated when the pin is pulled.

Not only that, but 5% of net profits to Operation Underground Railroad and other charitable causes to accelerate change to women safety in the UK. You can buy an alarm here.

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