Written in collaboration with Hanna Johnson // Special occasions call for a special gift, and it can be a process to find the right one for loved ones. Especially if you have been gifting items to one another for years, it can be a challenge to find the ‘right’ gift because you always want it to be perfect! Be it a birthday, an anniversary or anything else to celebrate, the gift will more than just a present, as it will become a keepsake that will always remind the person of that day.

Here are a few luxury gift ideas for a special occasion:

Luxury timepiece

A luxury timepiece is a gift that will mark a special occasion with a statement. You can look at options in stores like Pisa Orologeria for sleek and luxury timepieces that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations.


As with a luxury timepiece, jewelry is something that can make a statement and be held onto forever. Pick something that suits your loved ones’ personal style, and especially if you want it to last years to come opt for a more classic design.

Designer bag

A designer bag is a special something that can commemorate something special and perhaps be more elevated than what may otherwise be used for an everyday bag.


Perfume, particularly when you know exactly what your loved one enjoys, is a gorgeous gift because you bring back the senses to a special moment or event in time all through scent. Bonus if you get a travel size as well so there can always be a smaller version kept in a handbag and reapplied.

Travel set

A travel set is something that many people perhaps wouldn’t buy for themselves, but it can make travel all the more fun and personalized! A matching set that is practical and stylish is something that will last for years and be well loved.

Laptop or iPad

A laptop or iPad is a practical yet wonderful gift, as it can make a big difference in day to day work and personal tasks.

Stand mixer

A stand mixer is an appliance that can quickly get a lot of use, especially if your loved one loves to cook and bake! Plus one that is as stylish as it is practical will proudly will be shown off on the counter.

If your person is into experiences, you could also gift a vacation, retreat or spa break. You can go with or send them for a solo trip or with friends and they’ll have memories for years to come. Just remember that no matter what, it is always the thought that counts so really make the gift tailored to your loved one.

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  1. Great gift ideas! It is always nice to give someone something they hesitate to buy for themselves. Giving a gift that is extra-special is such a joy…

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