ad gifted // First and foremost, I cannot believe it’s Easter already in just a few weeks. Where has this year gone? But Spring is upon us and I typically really enjoy this time of year around Easter. Whilst it might not be the most widely celebrated and extravagant holiday, it’s still a great time to fit in some nice Easter activities and slow down.

It’s been a bit stressful in my life this year so far, so I’m hoping this Easter period will give me some time to sit back and take stock. If it’s been the same for you, then I hope you can get some time to do the same. Easter is obviously closely linked with Spring, a time of year I always think about as a new beginning.

The Winter is close to being over and the new year feeling has worn off. With new baby animals, new weather and new flowers blossoming everywhere you look, it’s no surprise that so many people consider Spring as a time of renewal. And I think that’s beautiful; it’s always a good time to start new.

In this post, I’m going to share some little things I love about Easter. It’s nothing big or crazy, just small little pockets of joy I find in this holiday, during this time of year. I also had a special delivery from Thorntons, which I’m SUPER excited to show you too!

6 things I love about Easter:

Easter chocolate

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the chocolate, would it? I love Easter Eggs and I’m a firm believer in them tasting better than “regular” chocolate, just because they’re in the shape of an egg. This year, I’ll be celebrating Easter with Thorntons and their Hoppy Easter Collection, which was kindly gifted to me for this post.

This collection contains 4 eggs and an Easter bunny, so the perfect amount for the whole family. The Marvelous Magnificent Personalised Easter Egg is absolutely HUGE. I’ve never had an Easter egg that big before! The unicorn, white chocolate bunny and the dinosaur eggs are a more “normal” size, so the perfect eggs to gift friends or family. And the bunny? A perfect treat for yourself.

I love Thorntons chocolate. I always have. So I was super excited to tuck into a bit of this collection with a cup of tea. And although this post is going up before Easter, there’s no rule to say you can’t open your Easter eggs yet, right?

There’s not much to say other than it’s Thorntons. Beautiful, creamy, delicious and high quality chocolate in every single bite. The packaging of each of the eggs is lovely too, so the perfect treat for someone you care about this Easter.

A roast dinner

You can’t beat a roast dinner on Easter Sunday! Honestly, I rarely have a roast dinner these days. My family don’t cook them every Sunday like we used to when I was a kid. It’s just one of those things we fell out of the routine of doing. But I can always count on my Mum to do a roast dinner on Easter Sunday!

A proper day off

Easter Sunday is a bit like Christmas Day in that it’s one of the only days of the year that things reaaaally do switch off, slow down and FEEL like a proper day off for everyone! It’s a great day to spend with family, perhaps doing a spot of Spring cleaning or just chilling and watching Netflix.

Time to slow down

I feel like we can really do this around Easter time. If you’re a parent, then obviously your children are off school for the Easter holidays so it might be a bit hectic to begin with, thinking of things to do and how to keep them occupied but it can also be a great chance to switch off from your normal routine and focus on family life and days out with the family.

Baby animals

Who doesn’t love baby animals? Spring and around Easter is that time you’ll see plenty of baby chicks and lambs hopping around in the fields. I’m going to be volunteering at an animal sanctuary near me for their Easter weekend, so I’m expecting to see plenty of baby animals whilst I’m there!

Warmer weather

Not always guaranteed of course, the UK can cook up some seriously weird weather at some weird times of the year. But typically, it’s around Easter when the weather starts to get warmer and also more consistently nicer, which is always a great boost to our mental health.

How will you be celebrating Easter this year? Let me know!


  1. I’ve been trying so hard to limit myself from getting many Easter Eggs this year, I know… It sounds crazy. But this post has certainly got me in the mood to take a trip just to my local Thornton’s for some chocolate Easter Eggs. They’re so good! Eeek! Wondering now whether I should treat myself or not, haha! ^_^

    ~ Jayne |

  2. I LOVEE easter eggs I don’t know why they feel like they taste better but they just do! I love entering into Spring and there being warmer weather. We actually do have roasts every Sunday still so having that on Easter Sunday doesn’t make a difference to me 🙂 But it is a time to slow down I agree x

  3. Pre-vegan me was obsessed with white chocolate and that white bunny egg looks like a DREAM. I love seeing all of the baby animals at this time of year, I can’t believe it’s easter already though, Christmas oddly feels like last week but a year ago at the same time? x

  4. Oh I love Easter! I always love Thorntons chocolate too & they really do up their game with all their easter eggs every year. I’m with you on the roast dinner, we always have family round and I’m pretty sure were having lamb this year which I’m super excited for x

  5. The unicorn egg looks amazing! I am not sure if I can get my hands on one here in Sweden but there are definietly cute options here as well. We definietly deserve some good weather at this point, especially after I got caught in a blizzard yesterday!

  6. I’m so excited spring is finally here and Easter antics can begin! We as a family have always celebrated Easter and I’m looking forward to spending time with them and making new memories. I totally agree with the 6 things you love about Easter, they’re my favourite too. These Thorntons chocolates look absolutely delicious. You can’t beat their chocolate, can you? Love this post lovely, thank you for sharing xo

    Elle –

  7. Really hoping Easter brings in some nice warmer weather, I feel like we really need it at this point! Also, have been trying to pick one of the eggs to boast about, but every time I saw a different picture, I was like ‘I want this! No, I want this now!’ so yeah – buying them all haha x

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