ad // I love a bit of home renovation and sprucing up rooms around the house. But sometimes we’re not in a position to completely redecorate. Whether that’s financially or simply due to a lack of time to dedicate to a whole renovation or redecorating project.

Revamping a room is the next best option because sometimes a simple revamp of some of the most basic elements of your room can give it a whole new lease of life!

It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming either. Of course you will have to dedicate a bit of time to the project but compared to a full redecoration, that’s a much smaller chunk of your day!

Here are some super easy ways to revamp your bedroom when you feel like it needs a bit of a spruce:

Change your bedding

Bedding is a super easy way to change the look and feel of a room. Having different bedding sets in rotation is a great way to keep them fresher and less worn – bedding can get very worn, very easily! Plus shopping for new bedding is super fun.

Add colours and textures

Adding colours and textures around your room in the form of throws/blankets, pillows, plants, wall art and more can bring a whole new dimension and lease of life to an old shabby room that needs a make over.

Change up your curtains

Curtains can definitely change the feel of the room, depending on length, colour, fabric and design. We all need something up our windows so this could be an easy area to focus on to revamp your bedroom. You can find a lot of curtain designs at Direct Fabrics, including ceiling mounted curtain tracks which are a brilliant way to hang curtains.

Ceiling mounted curtain tracks are made of plastic or metal and the fabric is attached to the track with hooks. The track is fixed close to the wall or ceiling with brackets and the curtains glide smoothly along the plastic runner. When it’s closed, most curtain tracks are hidden by the curtain header. There are lots of benefits of ceiling mounted curtain tracks, including:

  • They can bear heavy weight
  • They can cover more than one wall
  • They’re easy to install
  • They can cover larger and higher windows
  • They can also give off the illusion of a higher ceiling / bigger room

A fresh lick of paint

You don’t always have to do a full re-fresh but a simple fresh lick of paint on your walls can really brighten up a room that’s starting to look a bit dull and weathered.

DIY your furniture

This isn’t something I’ve ever done because I’m not a DIY-er and wouldn’t know where to start but I know plenty of people that do and their DIY furniture pieces always look brilliant! You could repaint your old bedroom furniture, give it new handles or legs and really make it your own.

It’s not always easy to revamp a whole bedroom on the whim but there’s always something small we can do to get the ball rolling, even if that’s just having a deep clean and a de-clutter! If you want to take it one step further, then these small suggestions will help give you bedroom a new lease of life in the simplest and easiest way!

What small things do you do to re-vamp a room? Let me know!


  1. Love your photos! Great inspiration to update with some white accents for summer! Thank you! I don’t think I will get to paint, but you offer other great ideas.

  2. These are great and inexpensive ways to change up a bedroom! I have seasonal throw pillows which I change up! Thanks for sharing.

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