ad collaborative post // Some workplaces are more dangerous than others. If you work at a construction site, a manufacturing plant, or do long-distance truck driving for a living, there is a high chance you might get injured at work. Worker’s compensation is designed to be that safety net to cushion you in adversity so you can gain access to your benefits as you recover.

Well, how do you seek compensation in the event of an accident at work? Well, here are some tips on protecting your rights after an injury at work.

Know your rights

It is impossible to protect your rights after an injury at work if you don’t know what they are. After getting injured at work, you have the right to pursue medical treatment, file a claim in the state industrial court or compensation court, and be released from your job by a physician. If your injuries prevent you from returning to work, you have the right to disability compensation. You also have the right to legal representation.

Report the accident immediately

Now that you know your rights, it would be wise to report your workplace injuries as soon as practically possible. Please don’t try to continue working despite your discomfort or wait to see if your symptoms subside with time. The longer you wait to report your injuries, the less likely you are to receive your worker’s compensation. Ensure you give a detailed account and include the names of witnesses present during the injury.

Seek urgent medical care

It would be wise to go to the hospital even though you feel okay. Medical documents and test results reveal the severity of your injuries and prove that you indeed got hurt at work. After the initial appointment, it would be best to follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter and show up for any follow-up appointments.

File a claim

It is not enough to notify your supervisor about your workplace injury. If you want to collect your compensation, you must file a work accident claim as soon as possible after your injury occurs. Fortunately, you can complete and submit this employee claim form online without showing up at a physical address. If your injuries are minor and you expect to be back at work in no time, you can handle the case independently.

However, you will need an experienced attorney to help fight for your rights if your workplace accident results in permanent injuries or you will be unable to work for a long time. Ensure you do ample research before approaching a lawyer or a law firm and choose one within your geographical area for increased convenience. A local attorney will be more familiar with the laws affecting your situation.

Preserve evidence

Last but not least, you must preserve any evidence and records that will ensure you get maximum compensation after your injury. If possible, you could capture numerous photos of your injury and the debris at the accident scene. It would also help to provide medical records such as X-rays, MRI results, and CT scan to the insurance providers. We can’t forget to mention out-of-pocket costs such as transportation to and from the hospital and medical supplies.

Wrapping up

Things you should never do when seeking compensation include not seeking urgent medical attention, exaggerating your injuries, and failing to follow the doctor’s instructions. We hope this article has helped you know your rights and how to protect them after an injury at work.

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