ad collaborative // There is a vast majority of people in this world who often agree to feeling “lost”, to feeling as if their life has no direction. In fact, there is a sense of hopelessness that is very much evident in them. Due to this, a lot of them end up looking for help outside, and many find the wrong answers and fall into a black hole of wrongful habits.

However, there is an answer to all of this – Spiritual Life Coach.

Who Is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A spiritual life coach is an individual who lives with spiritual principles and looks at life through the lens of spirituality.

They are, however, not religious leaders. They act as your guide – someone who not only listens and understands, but also helps you carve out a path for yourself.

A spiritual life coach does not simply focus on behaviours, habits, thoughts or beliefs. They rather help you take a peek within yourself to identify what exactly makes you, you. That is, they help you understand how you can find yourself, achieve your goals and live a happy life.

If you want to become a spiritual life coach yourself, there are several spiritual counselling courses offered by Holistic Healing College that you can sign up for!

How Does a Spiritual Life Coach Help You?

Trained to guide and heal you, spiritual life coaches do not judge or mock anybody. Rather, they create a safe space for you to open up and freely express yourself, while also establishing trust.

They help you with numerous problems, ranging from self-esteem issues to relationship issues to life crises. Essentially, their aim is to ensure that you feel safe in the sessions and that you feel comfortable enough to make the journey within yourself to heal your own wounds.

How Does Spiritual Life Coaching Work?

When a person is triggered by an event which causes a negative reaction within the individual, it creates a “wound” of sorts that they carry with them until it is resolved. This wound eventually translates itself into a belief that the person starts to hold about themselves.

For example, kids who are bullied in school often start to believe that something is wrong with them, or that it is something they do which causes them to attract bullies. These types of beliefs about yourself can prove to be harmful and make you feel afraid, nervous or constantly expecting the worst.

This is where spiritual life coaching comes into picture.

It helps an individual make the shift from a victim mindset and find strength within themselves to be able to face their problems. It coaches people on positive thinking and helps with negative thoughts surrounding certain events or incidents.

One of the principles of this approach also preaches that your attention or focus is like water to a plant. Whatever has your attention can grow and become much bigger. Thus, a spiritual life coach works with you to help you identify what you give the majority of your attention to and how you can shift it to better things. This further helps you make the shift from feeling hopeless to appreciating the things you have in life.

What’s more, spiritual life coaching also has its connections to spirituality, which means that it often involves acknowledging the divine and understanding the laws of the universe.

Techniques Used By Spiritual Life Coaches

In a session, a spiritual life coach may employ a few techniques to help with the healing process.

Some issues that are too deep-rooted within a person may require advanced healing methods, however, a few basic ones include chakra healing, reiki, crystal healing and aura reading.

Let’s learn a bit more about these techniques:

1. Chakra Healing

It is believed that the human body is a part of seven chakras relating to seven different areas of the body. If there is a blockage in these chakras, an individual might face a variety of physical, mental and emotional problems. Chakra healing aims to remove these blockages and aid in the smooth flow of spiritual energy throughout the body.

2. Reiki

This technique requires the use of hands to direct life energy stuck in an area. It is usually to cure some form of physical ailment or sickness. However, emotional issues have a direct effect on our body and thus, reiki can sometimes be used to determine where emotional issues are causing problems.

3. Crystal Healing

This technique is based on the belief that certain crystals possess the power to heal. Thus, they are used in conjunction with the seven chakras to heal several types of ailments.

4. Aura Reading

This technique involves examining a person’s aura, which is a colourful, bright space surrounding the entire body. The colour of the aura has significant meanings and can help in identifying underlying issues as well as in healing.

Become A Spiritual Life Coach!

If you find joy in helping others and wish to help distressed individuals heal, you might want to learn more about spiritual life coaching. If you feel like this is your calling, you can even get certified.

Becoming a spiritual life coach is a big responsibility, and if you do decide to explore this path, you should be prepared to take it up.


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