ad // June brings with it summer, warmth, trips to the beach and making some of the best memories with your friends. Beginning on June 21 and ending by July 22, anyone born within this time period would have the zodiac sign of Cancer, signified by The Crab.

Cancerians are associated with the moon, water, pearls, moonstones and feelings. They are often known for being kind, friendly and warm but also for being emotional, crabby and sensitive. If you are friends with a Cancerian, you would be nodding along as you read this because we’ve all experienced the protective and caring nature of a Cancer as well as their fluctuating moods.

If you have a Cancerian friend then their birthday is fast approaching. Cancerians appreciate gifts with certain meanings attached to them, gifts that hold sentimental value or that remind them of a memory the two of you share.

As emotional beings, they appreciate the thought put into a gift, so if you’re planning on wrapping up a set of lovely candles that reminds them of the time you took a candle making class together or sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers because they mentioned they like flowers, they’ll really love it.

However, if you are amongst those who don’t have anything planned, we have made a comprehensive list of things you could potentially gift your Cancerian friend that they will really appreciate.

4 Things to Gift Your Cancerian Friend:

1. Home Decor

Cancerians love their living space deeply. A lot of them enjoy staying in more than going out and like keeping their house cosy and nice. It’s always a good idea to look for gifts that your cancerian friend can put up at home, like a pretty clock or a beautiful wall hanging.

You could even consider giving them a custom made beer mat , some decorative art if they are the artsy type or something simple like a flowering plant that they could look after as they are nurturing by nature.

2. Water-based Items

Cancerians are water signs, which means that their zodiac element is water. They share this with two other signs – Pisces and Scorpio. What this essentially means is that they enjoy spending time by the water or being in it. You would often catch your cancerian friend light up on a beach or by the ocean.

It is for this reason that you could gift them a two day trip to a B&B at the St. Ives where they could spend a relaxing weekend, resting and rejuvenating. If

they are the adventurous type, consider including surfing and / or snorkelling lessons in their gift. They might even love something simple as a trip to the aquarium or the zoo with you, as they are fascinated by marine life and animals in general.

If none of these options feel like something your friend would like, you could opt for an indoor home fountain which reminds them of water and makes their home environment soothing too.

3. Books

Famously known for being homebodies, Cancerians like to have things to do when they are at home. They often spend time cooking, cleaning and cosying up in their favourite corner with a book. If you were to visit them, you are likely to find a couple of worn out romance, mystery and thriller novels tucked away in a shelf for days when they just want to relax.

As this is often their form of self care, giving them a lovely book will leave them feeling delighted. As they are highly inutuitive souls, you could pick anything from romance or murder mysteries to spiritual or self help books.

So, go ahead and give them a book. They will already start planning to sink down by the fireplace in a cosy sweater with a cup of coffee and their new book.

4. Moon Lamps and Jewellery

Cancerians love the moon. They have a deep connection with it and love to look at it whenever they can. It’s true, you will often catch your Cancerian friend sitting by their window and staring at the moon, almost like they’re worshipping it. This connection they have with the moon could help you pick out your gift for them.

You could choose to give them a beautiful moon lamp that they can put up on their bedside table to admire or simply a beautiful picture of the moon being reflected on water. You could also opt for crescent shaped jewellery like earrings, necklaces and belts or a moonstone ring.

Anything that reminds them of the moon will make them happy and feel calm, so picking a gift with these themes might work out for you.

To Sum Up

Cancerians are kind and loving individuals who also make for loyal and long-lasting friends. They would appreciate any gift you have for them and keep it with them for a long, long time because it reminds them of you.

You may want to consider writing a small note with a personal touch to go along with your gift to make it even more memorable for them. They are sweet souls and would deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness as well as your friendship.

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