collaborative post // Applying for jobs can be a tough task. It takes a lot of courage, determination, and persistence to bag your dream role. If you feel like you’re losing hope – don’t stop now! Dig deep and find the inner strength to keep going. Need help to find that motivation? Here are some helpful tips for bagging your dream role.

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Update your CV

When looking for a new role you must keep your CV up-to-date and full of relevant experience. You want to show the best version of yourself to your recruiter and you can’t do that when there are pieces of the puzzle missing. If you’re struggling for motivation and don’t know how to structure your CV, take a look online – there are thousands of handy templates you can lean on to inspire you.

If you’re unsure which line of work your want to go in and you’re applying for multiple jobs, you should create a few versions of your CV. What’s relevant to one role might not be to another, so adapting your experience to suit the employer or line of work will give you the best chance of success.

The readability of your CV is an important consideration. Recruiters will look at thousands of CVs, so you need to make them concise and easy to scan. Putting your most important selling points near the top will make you more likely to stand out.

Stand out from the crowd

There are thousands of people on the job hunt at the moment, so getting noticed is half the battle. One man who did this in a superb manner is Jonathan Swift. When applying for a job at printing specialists, instantprint, he recycled one of their flyer templates and used it for his application.

A quote from instantprint’s marketing manager Craig Wassell states that “upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the flyers were, in fact, an application for the role I was hiring for. Naturally, we immediately invited Jonathan in for an interview.” A brilliant example of how creative job applications could get you the role of your dreams.

Use multiple channels

Don’t just stick to one recruitment channel, make sure to cover all bases. Browse Indeed, LinkedIn and other major sites for opportunities. If you’re finding the application process daunting, talking to recruiters directly will help to ease the pressure.

Don’t give up

Job hunting can be a long process, so keep going and persist because you’ll get there in the end.


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