collaborative post // When we lose motivation and concentration at work, it can easily cause us to have to work overtime. Overtime can often lead to burnout, as you will have a limited work-life balance. You should get plenty of downtime so that you avoid burning out your energy and feeling uninspired. 

To ensure that you get enough downtime and avoid overtime and work-based burnout, follow these tips:

Get comfortable furniture 

Your workplace setup will play a vital role in how focused you can be at work. If you have a hard chair and a poorly positioned desk, then it is bound to interfere with your concentration levels and how much you manage to achieve. 

Hence, getting new and comfortable Office Furniture will help you and your team feel comfier while working. Having a sore bad and bad posture is bound to cause you to feel demotivated and unfocused at work. Being able to sit up straight and feel relaxed will ensure to help maintain your concentration levels, which will ensure you get your tasks done and avoid burnout and overtime.

Be more flexible

If your own business or the business you work for allows it, then it will benefit you if you be more flexible with your working hours. This could mean shortening them or changing them. If you wish to shorten them, then you will want to learn how to work smarter.

For instance, you will not want to shorten your hours and result in a lack of business efficiency and a hindrance to your results. Working smarter can be achieved by blocking your calendar, saying no to unnecessary meetings, responding quickly, and taking shorter and sporadic breaks. 

If you wish to change your hours, then change them to a time that suits you and fits within the hours where you are most productive. For instance, you might be able to prevent burnout and find a healthier work balance by working earlier and finishing earlier. You might be the most focused and motivated from 7 am to 2 pm instead of 9 to 5.

Make sure to take breaks

Speaking of breaks, it is important to take them and not try to work through the entire day without fuel and a minute to reset your brain. 

Taking short and regular breaks will help you reset your mind and regain your focus. These breaks could involve you getting a drink to hydrate yourself and your brain, grabbing a snack for more energy, or getting some fresh air. Any small break and time away from your desk will make sure that you do not overwork yourself. 

It might sound counterproductive to take breaks if you want to avoid working later. But trust us, small breaks will help with your focus levels and ensure that you are the most productive when you are working. 

It can be easy to avoid burnout and doing overtime at work. Ensuring to achieve the right setup and organize your time better (by adding breaks) will guarantee to help you achieve more while you work and avoid working those extra hours.

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