ad collaborative post // The teeth are one of the most important parts of the body, performing the major function of chewing and giving the mouth its form. The teeth also improve the smile. Sadly, millions of people in the US have dental problems, especially those caused by lifestyle habits. To avoid dental problems, it is best to keep your teeth healthy and in tip-top shape, whether in summer or winter. Here are 12 practical tips to help maintain your teeth healthy throughout the year.

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Treat Underlying Problems

Some diseases and medical conditions cause or increase the likelihood of gum disease and other teeth problems. You might need to treat the underlying medical conditions to keep your teeth in the best shape. Schedule a visit with your medical provider – just a quick Google search like “dentist London” should do the trick to help you find somewhere suitable to diagnose all underlying health factors that can cause poor dental health.

Avoid Processed Sugar And Reduce Natural Sugars

Taking too much sugar can cause dental problems. Both natural and processed sugars are converted into acid that can erode your enamel. Processed sugars are worse because the human system absorbs them faster than natural sugars. You should cut off processed sugars from your diet and reduce natural sugars. Eat fresh fruits and vegs, and avoid sour foods and foods that are too sweet.

Straighten Your Teeth

If your teeth are not properly aligned, you may have aching jaws when chewing. Everyone has a chewing and biting pattern, but when malocclusion (improper teeth alignment) occurs, eating, smiling, or another facial movement becomes painful. You can correct malocclusion with brace options; more serious conditions require corrective surgery. Consider checking out this teeth straightening guide to know how to correct a malocclusion.

Avoid Mechanical Impact

Mechanical damage such as heavy blows and impact can permanently deform your teeth. If your work requires physical contact and a serious risk of mechanical impact, there are chances that your dentition will take a different shape. The mechanical impact can cause broken teeth, damaged gum, and chronic gum aches. Wear mouthguards and avoid crushing items that are too tough for your teeth.

What’s nearly as bad as a broken tooth? A bleeding gum! Bleeding gum may indicate gum disease or a vitamin deficiency. But getting a mechanical impact on your gum may increase the chances of developing gum disease. Whatever you do, avoid damaging your gum.

Visit The Dentist Regularly

Avoid a fire brigade approach to taking care of your teeth. Most people don’t visit their dentists until they develop dental problems. But you can leverage dental care to keep your teeth healthy and prevent troubles. Keep regular appointments with your dentist to diagnose problems early and maintain healthy teeth.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Experts and professionals recommend fluoride as an essential constituent of most toothpaste brands. Fluoride helps your teeth by re-mineralizing your enamel and killing bacteria that cause gum disease. According to this government report, fluoride occurs naturally in some foods but is also added to drinking water in safe quantities to improve health.

Keep A Brushing Routine

Keep a strict brushing routine all year. Brush in the morning and at night, just before bedโ€”brush after eating sweet foods. Use the right toothbrush and toothpaste and brush properly. Avoid hitting your gum while brushing or digging any dental cavity.

Watch Your Overall Health

If you are healthy, your teeth are most likely healthy as well. There’s a strong relationship between general health and healthy teeth. For example, studies have shown that diabetes or stroke may increase the likelihood of developing dental problems. Stay healthy, and your teeth should be healthy too!

Treat Symptoms Promptly

Get dental care immediately if you notice any symptoms of dental problems. If you bleed, have a wobbly tooth, or have aches when chewing, it is best to visit your dentist to know why and what to do. Most dental problems are easily corrected with early diagnosis.

Floss And Rinse Daily

Flossing removes debris from the teeth. Debris from food may decompose and provide a breeding ground for unhealthy microorganisms, which may cause gum disease. Floss and rinse your teeth at least once a day to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Eat Crunchy Food To Exercise Your Teeth

Teeth exercise strengthens your teeth and jaw muscles over time. Eat crunchy foods to help your teeth retain strength and shape. Teeth exercise doesn’t only benefit your teeth but helps tone your overall facial muscles. But you have to be smart about this and make healthy choices. Chew on carrots, vegs, and other healthy foods instead of processed snacks and sugary gum.

Use Teeth Sealants

A dental sealant is a thin coat of plastic that’s added as a protective layer over the grinding parts of the teeth to prevent tooth decay from plaque, food particles, and microorganisms. You can use sealants to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

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