collaborative post // Studies show that your store’s physical condition is crucial to customer satisfaction. Many in-tore factors can influence a customer’s buying decision, from your staff’s behaviour to your store decor or setup. This, in turn, affects your profits.

Creating a welcoming in-store atmosphere means eliminating anything that will disrupt customer experience and allowing your products to take centre stage. If your in-store environment lacks a welcoming touch, the following tips create a welcoming atmosphere and increase sales

1. Harness the power of fragrance

There’s a reason why scent marketing is so important when it comes to a business’s bottom line. Various studies have shown how scent science works on a customer’s emotions. Fragrances have the power to affect a person on an emotional level. And an emotional connection is crucial in building customer loyalty and improving sales. Harnessing the power of fragrance involves putting anything in place to ensure that your store’s interior wafts with sweet-scented fragrance and smells fresh throughout the day. 

Keep the place clean and organised

A disorganised store in disarray does not only create a bad impression of your business but also easily distracts your customers from a spending state of mind. Anything that takes your clients out of a spending mindset will indirectly lead to a drop in sales. 

So, take the time to ensure that your store shelves are neatly filled and that merchandise is arranged and organised in an orderly manner. Every product must be cleaned regularly, especially the ones that stay very long on the shelves. Clean products on the shelf will signal to your customers that inventory is moving and that you take care of your products

Greet your customers

Greetings are one of the oldest ways to make anyone feel welcome, and it’s still very useful in the business world. If you run a retail store, it’s probably impossible to greet everyone walking through your doors, especially if you attract large foot traffic daily. But you hire attendants and arm them with customer greeting scripts they can use to welcome customers that walk into your store. 

However, it’s important not to greet customers immediately when they walk in, as you don’t want to overwhelm them. Instead, give them a few minutes to orient themselves to your space before an attendee approaches them. Plus, the last thing you want is to be in a customer’s face the moment they enter your store, especially the ones making phone calls or involved in deep conversations with others. 

Add character to your store

Give your store’s interior a touch of character by adding some personal touches to the design. For example, you can spruce portions of the wall with beautiful wall paintings or place attractive sculptures in certain areas. You can never go wrong with a lush addition of indoor plants, as they add a homely feeling to any indoor space. Indoor plants are also the perfect solution for dull-looking empty corners in your store. A large piece of decorative wall clock can also be a great addition while proving useful for your customers. 

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