collaborative post // You already know how important accessories are for any type of event. Whether everyday wear, fancy occasions, festivals or simply showing off, you can enhance any outfit with the right accessories.

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However, not enough people know how to take care of their accessories, especially jewellery, and this can cause the item to dull and even get scratched or damaged. If you want to make sure your pieces from Ideaure stay in tip-top shape, your diamonds continue to sparkle and gold glistens, here are four tips to look after your jewellery.

Remove It More Often

Your favourite jewellery quickly becomes a part of you, and you can feel naked without it. But, wearing rings, bracelets, and necklaces every day means they interact with a range of pollutants, whether skin oils, dirt or food.

Removing them often, such as before you go to bed, clean the house or shower, can prolong their lifespan. You can also store pieces you wear less frequently, such as in a jewellery box or on a jewellery stand that prevents them from attracting dust or bleaching from direct sunlight.

Learn How to Wear It

Learning how to wear your jewellery sounds like a ridiculous notion. It’s obvious how you wear necklaces or other items. But, even though it seems simple, you may be wearing your jewellery all wrong, which is why it doesn’t look as good as it used to.

Knowing how to wear rings properly, including the right fingers and their significance can help you get the most from each piece. You can also ensure space between certain items to prevent them from knocking against each other, which can scratch and damage the metal or the jewel.

Get It Cleaned By a Professional

Cleaning your jewellery can keep it sparkling for longer no matter how long you have worn it. But, although cleaning your jewellery at home is possible, you may prefer to leave it to the professionals, especially the first time.

This is especially true of more expensive items such as engagement pieces or those that hold a lot of value. The last thing you want is to use the wrong cleaning solution or accidentally knock the stone from the crown, which may cost you even more to repair.

Know Your Metals

Not all metals are created equal, but you already knew that. Did you know, however, that different metals have different hardness levels? If not, you now have an answer to why your gold rings seem to get damaged much faster than others.

Gold is a softer metal, so it’s more prone to scratches, and knowing the properties of gold, silver, and platinum will make it much easier to take care of them and treat them properly.

As you’ve spent a lot of money on your jewellery, you want to keep it looking its best no matter what, so understanding your metals can help you overcome many problems.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Although dulled jewellery can give it character and hints at a fascinating story, it is also not what everyone wants, especially for your engagement or wedding rings, or something sentimental. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your signature and special pieces shining for as long as possible.

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