ad // Where there’s Summer, there’s festivals. And whether you’re a ‘pop along for the day’ kinda person or a toughing it out in all weather for 5 nights in a tend kinda person, festival fashion is a big part of the experience of attending a festival. It’s a time where you can get creative and really let your hair down, without a care for what anyone else thinks.

Festivals should be about embracing life, enjoying music, having fun and being authentically you. Although I didn’t even attend Glastonbury this year, I almost felt a small sparkle of that just from watching the coverage on BBC iPlayer and just letting myself get lost in the music from the likes of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, HAIM, Billie Eilish and the one and only Paul McCartney.

But obviously being at a festival is a different experience and whilst the main focus is the music, fashion is right up there as well as one of the coolest things about festival season.

Festival fashion has a very specific attitude about it. You can tell someone is going to a festival – just by what they’re wearing. In fact, my partner and I were at a train station near us during Creamfields festival and there were plenty of people getting on and off the trains which we KNEW had been to the festival.

Festivals allow you the chance to embrace your style but make it extra. To wear the things that you *probably* wouldn’t wear on a regular occasion but to not care about it. To dress up and show up and be loud and bold in your style. Bright colours, big hair, volumizing lash extensions and more!

Here we’re going to take a look at some different aspects of festival fashion:

Fashion to flaunt it

At a festival, nobody cares if you’re flaunting it. And I say if you’ve got it, then freaking go for it. Whether that’s a top and skirt or wearing festival dresses that will make you stand out – don’t be scared to get a bit saucier than you’d usually do!

Chunky and sturdy footwear

We have to be a LITTLE bit practical and footwear is a BIG thing for festivals where you’re going to be on your feet and potentially dancing for the majority of the day. You never want to be cut short from footwear which is killing your feet, so opt for something that’s going to withstand mud and uneven surfaces, as well as comfort for all day use.

Add a great pair of sunglasses to your outfit

Sunglasses are always going to be a MUST for a festival, so make sure you pack a pair to take with you! They’re likely going to be on your face for the majority of the weekend, so make sure they’re a good pair, such as RayBan.

A rain jacket is always a must

Festivals in the UK are bound to see at least one day of rain, so not taking a rain jacket is a rookie mistake! But although it’s a practical aspect of your outfit, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a super cute rain jacket to your outfit.

Stand out sparkles

Whether that’s jewellery, a purse or something else, go big or go home when it comes to sparkles at a festival. Nobody has time for an outfit that doesn’t sparkle! If you’re worried about wearing any jewellery which is sentimental or valuable, then perhaps invest in some cheaper costume jewellery to sparkle up an outfit.


Bralettes can be a great festival item as they can go underneath most clothing but also be worn on their own if you get too hot or just fancy showing it off a bit!

Whatever your festival fashion picks, make sure you’re comfortable for the weekend but also allow yourself to get creative and explore fashion in a safe space! Sometimes, a simple pair of shorts and a band t-shirt can be the most effective, too!

Have you ever been to a festival? What’s your favourite thing to wear?


  1. Thank you for sharing these great fashion tips. I was a festival goer in my younger days. These days I would love to take my little one to a family friendly festival. She’s such a musical kid, always singing and dancing!

  2. I haven’t managed to go to a festival yet, but my friend and I have already decided we are going to a local one next year! Love the tips, I’ll refer back to this 🙂 x

  3. I’ve never done a festival but I dressed up to watch Glasto from my living room this year and really enjoyed it so going to embrace that in the future. Fun dressing is not just for festivals it’s for life ❤️

  4. I love festival season – some of the outfits people wear are so wild! I haven’t been to a festival since I was 19 (I’m 26 now) and don’t plan to go to anymore but I love the idea of flaunting it and wearing outfits I wouldn’t usually wear! Now I want to book one just to use these tips hahah!
    Saph x

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