collaborative post // There are far more content creators today than there have been for a while, and so when it comes to stepping out and starting a blog, you need to have the right tools in place first. Knowing that you are properly equipped will help you to get going with your blog and get it off the ground the way you want it to be.

Knowing where to begin isn’t always easy but you do need to think about how you can make your blog a big success, but don’t panic! You’re not alone!

You need to start with knowing what you want your blog to be about and how you want to grow it. If you want to have your blog well supported, then you need to start with the right Apple IT Support for your equipment to run well, and you need to consider exactly how much you want to write. So, with this in mind, here are the best tools that you need to succeed with your blog.

Tools to collect and track your ideas

When you are a writer, you need to keep coming up with interesting and compelling content that people want to read. It’s easy to get contact topic ideas stuck in your head out of the blue, but you can’t always remember that. You also won’t always have a pen and paper handy to help you to write them down. Asana is a cloud based project management system that helps you to keep all of your ideas stored online. You could even use Trello if you’re planning to collaborate on your blog with other people.

Tools to help you write

If you’re planning to use an iPad with an Apple Pencil to help you write, but you need to have the right Apple IT support to ensure that you are not going to get lost or find your blog hacked into. You can also write on programs like Google Docs, because they have great templates that you can see and use no matter what you’re writing about.

Start using tools to help you with grammar and spelling

Grammarly is one of the leading applications for your spelling and grammar woes. There are three versions out there that have amazing functionality to ensure that your content can be read like you are a pro. Most people converted from the MS office suite spell check function to Grammarly these days with writing and you can work on captioning videos with this tool. It’s important that if you want to come across as knowing what you’re doing but you have the right grammar and spelling in place.

Publishing tools

WordPress is one of the best publishing tools for your blog, and you should use it if you don’t have any experience with blogging before. It’s an easy way to manage your whole site and you’ll be able to publish as you wish to the right space.

Search engine optimisation tools

If you want a really good tool to help your block to get the traffic it needs, then you need the plug-in of Yoast. It’s going to help you get seen and it’s going to help your blog to grow.


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