ad collaborative post // Electric adjustable beds make it easy to get in and out of bed, sit up, and get into a comfortable sleep position. While adjustable beds are perfect for older people and those who struggle with mobility, they can improve bedtime comfort for anyone.

You can get double, king, and super king adjustable beds with dual twin adjustable sides, so two people can make custom adjustments.

However, some adjustable beds are better than others, so this article lists the best of the best to help you filter through the noise.

Let’s jump in!

Sleepeezee Pocket

Pictured: Sleepeezee Pocket 5FT Kingsize Adjustable Bed, Available from Bedstar.

The Sleepeezee Pocket offers fantastic value for money. For a snip under £1,600, you get a king-size adjustable bed with twin sides, and both twins have dedicated adjustments, providing a high level of comfort for couples.

This adjustable bed is also available in single, small single (for children), and super-king sizes, making it a top choice for people with disabilities. You can add two side drawers for extra storage and a headboard for style.

The medium, 1,000-pocket spring mattress is super-comfortable with a vented border, and the base is rated to support over 20 stone.

Recline-A-Bed Twin

Pictured: Recline-A-Bed Twin Adjustable Base. Available from Bedstar.

The Recline-A-Bed Twin is a king or super-king adjustable bed with twin sides. Both sides have electronic adjustments, letting couples set tailored positions.

Each side supports up to 25 stone (350lbs), so there are very few people it suits. The five-part adjustable slats support a wide range of foam and spring mattresses, and you can adjust the bed at the head, foot, and rear quarter ends.

You can specify this adjustable bed in ten colours and add a headboard, side drawers, and end opening drawers for practicality.

Recline-A-Bed Pure 2000

Pictured: Recline-A-Bed Pure 2000 Twin Adjustable Bed. Available from Bedstar.

The Recline-A-Bed Pure 2000 is a twin adjustable bed available as a king or super-king. It comes with a 25cm, 2,000-pocket spring mattress with Kashmir wool and cotton fillings for outstanding comfort and breathability.

Like the Twin bed listed above, the Pure 2,000 has a five-part adjustable slat system and supports up to 25 stone in weight. The difference between the models is that this one has a mattress as standard, saving you money.

Recline-A-Bed Ortho Gold

Pictured: Recline-A-Bed Ortho Gold Double Adjustable Bed. Available from Bedstar.

The Recline-A-Bed Ortho Gold is a double adjustable bed with one mattress, providing the same adjustment for two people.

Many prefer this configuration because there is no gap in the middle, which is excellent for co-sleeping (sleeping with a baby or child in the middle). However, it does not allow two people to make their adjustments.

The mattress is fantastic, with firm reflex foam and 1,000 pocket springs. It provides firm support – ideal for back and front sleepers.

The pros and cons of adjustable beds

Adjustable bed pros

  • Adjustable comfort: you can adjust your head, foot, and lower portion angle to find the best position and pain relief.
  • Reduces snoring intensity and apnea: studies show that elevated sleeping improves snoring and apnea.
  • Enhanced mobility: an adjustable bed lets you get into a more manageable position if you struggle to get in and out of bed.
  • Resale value: if you ever need to sell it, adjustable beds hold their value well, letting you claw back much of the cost.

Adjustable bed cons

  • Fewer mattress options: adjustable beds usually come with a mattress or have requirements for thickness and technology.
  • Weight: unless they sit on castor wheels, adjustable beds are difficult to move due to their heavy weight.
  • Expensive: adjustable beds easily set you back around £700 for a single, jumping to over £1,000 for a double and king.

Summing up

Adjustable beds are fantastic for older people, disabled people, and people struggling with mobility. However, they can improve comfort for everyone, so an adjustable bed could also be a good option for you too. If you enjoyed this article, read our piece on the health benefits of adjustable beds.

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