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7 Natural Ways To Improve Mental Health

AD - This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own. Information in this blog post should not be taken as medical advice.

I talk about mental health a lottttt on my blog. Most recently about how I’ve been un-diagnosed with my anxiety disorder and how my medication has literally changed my life. But before that, I use to rely to improving my mental health naturally. I think that’s an important topic to talk about because not everyone can and wants to use medication for their anxiety or mental illness. So let’s talk about some natural ways to improve mental health.

Natural Ways To Improve Mental Health

I just want to state, before we go any further, that I’m by no means a medical professional and this information shouldn’t be taken as advice. If you have any mental health problems, you should always contact your GP first. I’d also like to add that the information within this post isn’t aimed at anyone with severe mental illness. These are just general well-being tips which can improve your mental well-being.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, we can get stuck in to the juicy stuff! I’m big on natural enhancement of your mental well-being. And I truly believe that we have to look at the bigger picture and take care of our mind, body and soul as one entity. There are so many incredible tools and practices out there which are natural ways to improve mental health and we should be taking full advantage of them.

Ready to look at some natural ways to improve mental health? Here are some suggestions!

Natural Ways To Improve Mental Health

7 natural ways to improve mental health:

Exercising regularly

I mean, I don’t have to tell you the benefits of exercise on mental health. We’re told that exercise is good for us for the second we step out the womb. But exercise really is such a powerful natural way to improve mental health. I’ve been on my own well-being journey this is and exercise has without a doubt been the biggest factor. I feel the fittest I’ve been in YEARS and exercise has generally made me an all-round happier person.

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Yoga and meditation practice

We all know how much I love Yoga by now. However I’m NOT one of these people that’s convinced Yoga is the cure for everything. Depressed? Just do some Yoga! That’s an extremely dangerous mindset to have. But Yoga is an amazing natural way to improve your overall well-being – including mental health. There are a ton of benefits on mental health from doing Yoga, so this is high up on my natural ways to improve mental health list!

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Get those vitamins in

Getting your vitamins into your daily diet is obviously an incredibly important aspect of staying both physically and mentally healthy. Getting enough of the right vitamins has such incredible effects on brain function, immune system, muscle function and so much more. Here in the UK, we get around 2 weeks of decent sun a year. And even then, we need to make sure we’re staying out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day.

Natural Ways To Improve Mental Health

So ensuring you get enough vitamin D, the Vitamin D spray from Truth Origins is a great option especially when there’s so many Vitamin D benefits! I was kindly sent the SHINE Vitamin D3 spray, which ensures I’m never lacking in vitamin D – which is mega handy for me, considering I work from home and don’t go outside some days.

The spray is derived from plants, contains no chemicals or toxins. Is so easy to use and small enough to pop in your bag too, for if you’re out and about for the day. And there’s also the Truth RISE addition to the collection, which is Vitamin D and CBD combined into one neat little spray with an absolute TON of benefits from both the Vitamin D and the CBD.

The most natural way to improve mental health: fresh air

Fresh air and nature is a great way to switch off and relax from the stress of every day life. When you need a natural way to improve mental health, particularly stress, this is a good one to opt for. Going for a walk in the park next door to my house has really helped me lately get out of my own head and has become a vital part of my daily routine to manage my mental health.

Use herbal remedies to ease stress

Before I was put on medication, I used herbal remedies for my anxiety for a number of years. Of course none of them had quite the power that medication does but they did help take the edge off of my stress and anxiety. So if you’re looking for something to just nip it in the bud, then this could be a great natural way to improve mental health. There are plenty of different brands and products of natural, herbal, remedies to try!

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Switch off from social media

Something else that’s become a VITAL part of my weekly routine is switching off from social media. When I first took my blog full-time, I was ON IT all the time. 24/7 I was on social media, promoting my posts, creating content, replying to comments and emails. I never stopped. And the constantly whirl of social media started to seriously get to me. I was sick of it. So I’ve introduced screen time limits and social media free days and it’s done wonders for my mental health.

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Consider therapy to improve mental health

It’s up to you whether you consider this to be a “natural” way but to me, natural means anything that isn’t medication. So yes, therapy is natural. Talking is natural. Communication is natural. Personal growth is natural. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for therapy so I can safely say this is one natural way to improve mental health that has worked incredibly for me.

Natural Ways To Improve Mental Health

Which of these natural ways to improve mental health do you do on a regular basis or would you consider? Do you ensure you have enough vitamins during the day?


  1. I’m having a bit of a hard time with my mental health at the moment so this is actually incredibly helpful! I’m back on medication but I also need to be much more mindful of a few of the things you’ve mentioned. For me, combining exercise and being outdoors can actually be such a gamechanger! I need to get out hillwalking again soon!

    1. Oh it really can. One thing on its own is unlikely to make a massive difference but combining them can be game changing!

  2. Thank for sharing. I need to exercise more. I know I do, but I keep putting it off. However, I am due to go for a run/walk in about an hour!! The first time in…. months 0_0 x

    1. Oooh hope it went well!

  3. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I’ve heard some incredible things about herbal remedies for anxiety, one of my friends really says they help him with his mental health! Thankyou for sharing x

    1. Ah that’s great to hear. They can be a really beneficial way to take the edge off xx

  4. Vitamins has been a very important diet people don’t know.
    Thanks so much for sharing.👍

    1. Agree 😌

  5. Thanks for sharing, I have tried herbal remedies to make my sleep better and rescue remedy when I’m stressed about situations, also walks are great to 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    1. That’s great. Rescue Remedy is fab!

  6. I’ve recently started taking VEG1 multi-vitamins to ensure I get enough B12 and Vit D is included – was taking that anyway but they’re both the same price! I never actually knew that you could take Vit D in spray form – that’s such a good idea.

    1. It is isn’t it? So handy to keep in your bag too!

  7. I really need to start yoga again x

  8. Thank you for sharin this, it’s so helpful!

  9. These are some great tips Jenny! I’m a big stress head but do utilise some of these natural strategies to manage those overwhelming stress levels. Going outside or sitting by an open window in the sun is probably the one that helps me the most but I do also use roll-on essential oils and take multi-vitamins.

    I really enjoy doing yoga, and want to get back into it, but my son has a tendency to climb on me mid-pose which is um… not the most relaxing thing in the world haha.

    Thanks for sharing Jenny!

    1. Hahah no I can imagine not!

  10. jennavon says:

    I really need to start taking vitamin D again, it can have so many positive health effects can’t it? I haven’t looked in to any other vitamins though, maybe I should x

    1. It really can, vitamin D is so helpful!

  11. I didn’t know we could even be undiagnosed with anxiety! I’m glad that you moved forward. Also, social media is a big cause of anxiety so I completely agree especially when their are so many debates going on right now. I’ve personally been feeling pretty helpless about it all.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yep, if you don’t fit the criteria anymore then you don’t have the condition!

      1. Thats good to know! Haha I have a long way to go though

  12. Great post filled with fantastic advice!! I didn’t know that you could get vitamin D in the form of a spray, that’s definitely something I am going to try! Exercise, walking, curative hypnotherapy, eating healthy and communication are the main things I use to maintain a healthy state of mind xx

    1. Sounds like you’ve got it down!

  13. Sarah says:

    I really need to start exercising regularly!! xx

  14. I’m also someone who prefers natural ways to improve your mental health but if you think medication is something that could help you then, by all means, go ahead. Working out, yoga, and meditation really helps my mental health. I’m especially a big advocate for working out to help depression, it won’t “cure” anything but I know the endorphins really help boost happiness. ♥

    1. Totally. I wasn’t getting any further in my recovery until I went on meds.

  15. Such good tips! Fresh air and taking a break from screens is so key for me. Makes me grateful for my dog walks every day 🙂

    1. Yes, same. Dogs are great for that!

  16. I love that you utilize natural remedies to help ease your anxiety. I’ve heard great things about herbal remedies so I’m glad to read that they’re working out for you. Personally, I take B6 & B12 to help support my nervous system and it’s helped with my mood too!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. I don’t anymore but I used to and they were great!

  17. I think a lot of people overlook just how much social media can impact our health and well-being! Recognizing that and having the self-control to walk away when necessary is an incredibly powerful tool. While I work on social media, so I can’t completely unplug, the biggest change I made was to shut off notifications for all social media on my cellphone. That way, it’s available when I need to check on it for work but it’s not constantly reminding me of everything or increasing my stress levels.

    1. That’s a really good idea. I might have to give that a go!

  18. Some really good tips here on how to improve general mental health and wellbeing, obviously meds can really help and can change your life but natural remedies can also be a nice act of self care and also really be beneficial. I like that you included social media detoxing and also other practical things like yoga and vitamins. Thanks for sharing Jenny xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Yeah it totally depends on the extent of the issue but it never hurts to take a bit more care of our mental well-being in general!

  19. I am back on my meds since December last year while being off them for 3 years. I am fine with that. I learned long ago that I will probably be off and on them for the rest of my life. I also went back to therapy full time. I am fine with that too. I also found out that walking, fresh air and sunshine help me alot when stressed qnd feeling low. You know what I am happy with my life right now, even thought on meds, I am pleased on how things are going. Lovely post

    1. I’m exactly the same. I personally love being on my meds.

  20. Giulia says:

    I have used natural remedies too and they do help. I did have to start meds eventually but that’s another story I think as I really got pushed over the edge. Honestly Jenny, these are exactly the tips I would give and each of them is so benefical to maintaining our mental health. Great job.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Meds are great though, if they work for you!

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