collaborative post // Fashion is an integral part of life; it gives us a sense of identity and expression. Everyone has a personal fashion style that represents their sense of style – although 90% of people dress according to their emotions. Your fashion style can be adventurous or conservative, trendy or timeless.

It’s also determined by your personal taste, lifestyle, and current trends. Understanding your fashion language helps you create stylish outfit combinations that reflect your personality. Here are some tips on how to discover your own fashion language.

Which style icons do you admire?

Review some inspirational shots of your style icons, and go beyond the label to focus on the outfit construction. Choose a few words to describe the mood of the look. Are they classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, or trendy? Identify some words that fit your style and jot them down for future reference, as they will help clarify and define your look.

You can also jot down specific things you like about different celebrity styles. It’s important not to impersonate just one person because you risk being seen as a copy.

Review fashion magazines

If you like designer brands and outlets, high-end magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue are a great place to learn about the different philosophies of fashion brands. Even if you can’t afford these brands, don’t worry. If you find a look you like, copy or adjust them to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Before you know it, you may look like you’ve stepped out of a fashion magazine – no matter your age, size, build, or budget. An online designer outlet is also a great source for style guides and keeping up-to-date with what’s trending.

Check out fashion websites that match your style

If you search for style icons on Pinterest or Instagram, save your favorite photos from their looks and use them as your own personal fashion guides. This will help you to make quick decisions about how to dress or shop for a wardrobe. Fashion websites are a great way to learn about everything related to dressing correctly for your shape and budget.

Also remember that these sites were created to sell clothing and accessories. So when you see headings such as “must-have” pieces, proceed with caution and ensure that these items genuinely fit your body shape, your personality, as well as your lifestyle.

Follow fashion blogs 

Fashion is a rapidly changing discipline that can create new trends overnight. As such, fashion lovers will be looking for blogs with daily updated expert insights, creative guides, and general news about current trends.

Hopefully, this list of sites that represent the blogger’s style will give you an idea of ​​what fashion styles should look like. Fashion is believed to unite people worldwide, and these blogs are just one of the ways fashionistas express themselves.

Most people subconsciously choose what to wear based on how they feel. They dress based on their feelings and emotions to create a sense of comfort and happiness. This explains why different people have different fashion styles.

Plus, it’s easy to tell someone’s fashion style by looking at their closet. Your wardrobe choices could well be a direct reflection of your personality.


  1. Excellent post! With each new season, it is fun to try some new things. I like to look at magazines and online before I go shopping. Then, I have a better idea of what I might like to try on.

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