collaborative post // Making everyday decisions that will quite literally determine our survival or failure as a species is part of being environmentally responsible, but it goes beyond avoiding plastic bags. We can slow the pace of climate change by becoming more aware of how we can reduce pollution, safeguard species, conserve natural resources, and take other steps.

Everyone can make a difference, especially when wise environmental decisions become routine and perhaps even start inspiring others to follow suit. Even immediate personal advantages can result from acting morally in favour of the future of life on Earth.

It can help you express your creativity, become more involved in your community and the wider world, and lead to healthier living, you will feel better about yourself.

Materials You Can Make For Cleaning

White vinegar is about to become your greatest buddy when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning. Without using any dangerous chemicals, you’ll be able to deal with everything from your foul garbage disposal to your mildewed shower and grease-spattered stove top.

When possible, avoid using the dryer

It almost seems a shame not to hang dry your clothes outside during the warm and sunny months. Drying clothes on a line outside in the sunshine has its unique charm. Not to add, drying your clothing and bedding outside on a drying rack rather than in the dryer will extend their lifespan.

Install a drying rack on your balcony and leave the windows open to let the sun dry your clothes more quickly if you don’t have a garden or backyard where you can line-dry them.

Purchase energy-saving light bulbs

Although energy-efficient light bulbs have been around for a while, it has only been within the last few years that the general public has begun to learn more about their usefulness and the money they can save in the home. There have previously been concerns that they simply don’t provide enough light or that it takes a while for them to adequately light a room.

The time to switch is now more than ever because of the constant advancements in their technology. They not only use less electricity, but they also don’t require replacement nearly as frequently as conventional, older light bulbs did.

Bring reusable bags with you to the store

Although their use significantly decreased after the implementation of the plastic carrier bag fee, more can still be done. You may buy some mesh produce bags to keep fruit and vegetables instead of using the plastic bags provided by the store, in addition to always having a reusable tote bag with you when you go shopping.

Repurpose old clothes

When you have older clothes you haven’t worn much before throwing them away and buying something new could you jazz it up with some embroidery or blue streak crystals? You could also cut worn-out jeans into denim shorts. If you do find items that are a bit past their prime could they be cut up and reused as dish rags? There are always ways to reuse and repurpose items. 


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