collaborative post // Everyone needs a storage unit from time to time. Maybe you’re moving, remodelling, or downsizing, but you just don’t have the space. Perhaps you want to store your stuff for a little while until you find your dream home. Or maybe you need something secure and safe to keep valuables and important documents safe from natural disasters, pests, and other threats.

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In any case, renting a storage unit can be very beneficial in some situations. But finding the proper storage unit for your needs can be tricky. There are so many different factors that can make or break renting a storage unit. Here are 4 tips to help you find the right one:

How close do you need your unit to be?

An off-site storage unit might be a better option if you need extra space. Whatever you need, make sure to factor in how far away your unit will be from your house or business. You’ll want to keep in mind how much time it’ll take to get there when you need to get something out of it.

You may waste a lot of time if it’s too far away or difficult to get to. Make sure to check how far away your closest storage facility is. You may be surprised by just how many options you have. You may want to look for a storage facility that offers free or low-cost moving boxes to help you move your stuff to and from the unit.

What will you be storing in your unit?

Think about what you’ll be storing in your unit. Different items require different levels of security. For example, if you’re storing paper documents like birth certificates or tax records, you’ll want a unit that’s kept very dry, the same if you are storing seasonal clothing or decor items like Christmas decorations.

If you’re storing valuable items, you’ll want a unit that’s kept very secure. What will you be storing up in the unit, and how important is it that it be safe and secure? 

How often will you need access?

If you know you’ll need to get stuff out of your unit often, you’ll want to find a facility with many access hours. On the other hand, if you won’t need access very often, you can look for a facility with fewer opening hours. You’ll want to ensure you have enough time to get your stuff out when needed.

Can you come and go as you please and have access at any time, or do you have to make an appointment to go and access your storage unit? These factors will play a big part in your self-storage search.

What other features do you need?

All kinds of other factors can help you find the proper storage unit for your needs:

  • Security: Make sure the facility provides the level of protection you need. Ask about the alarms and cameras, the presence of security guards, and any other security features the facility has.
  • Climate control: If you’re storing items that need climate control, make sure to find a facility that offers that.
  • Access: Is it 24/7? Do you have to schedule access? How do you pay for the unit?
  • Parking: Is there an on-site car park? Is it well-maintained? Can you park close to the entrance? Can you get out of the facility if you need to leave quickly?


Finding the proper storage unit for your needs can be tricky. There are so many different factors that can make or break renting a storage unit. You can start by figuring out how close you need your unit, what you will be storing in your unit, how often you need access, and what other features you need. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can look at facilities near you and find the right one.


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