collaborative post // Finding the perfect perfume can be a tricky business. You want a balance of sweet, floral, musk, and maybe even a few spice notes; combine that with the perfect perfume for day and night and winter and summer, and you will see why it is difficult.

However, when it comes to women’s perfume, there are a few scents that stand head and shoulders above the rest due to how complete and memorable their smells are.

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Black Opium

Another famous name in the fragrance world, Black Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent, is a unique mix of coffee, vanilla, and pear. This “edgier” scent is perfect for date night or when you’re painting the town red with your friends.

While it can be overpowering for some, using it sparingly will still ensure you get the scent’s full effect without smelling like you have bathed in it.

Miss Dior

Dior has become famed for its scents, and Miss Dior is arguably one of the best. A fragrance that can be worn anywhere, no matter the occasion, combines everything that so many women love about perfumes.

It has a sumptuous blood orange and mandarin base smell, combined with notes of fresh lily of the valley, and it is topped off with a hint of earthy patchouli.

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Chanel No.5

One of the most famous fragrances of all time, Chanel No.5, has remained near the top of the popularity list for good reason. It is simple and clean and is suitable for almost all ages, styles, and tastes.

The heavy touches of rose and jasmine are complimented by aldehydes, which give the perfume a strong but airy smell and feel.


One of Marc Jacobs’ most iconic scents, Daisy is a beautiful mix of strawberry, sandalwood, and jasmine, making it one of the best summer scents on the market. Many people don’t tend to go for fruity and floral scents as they can often be too sweet and come off cheap.

However, Daisy gets the notes just right and won’t leave you smelling like a candy shop in the middle of a florist.

Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge is a name some may not be familiar with, but it is the epitome of luxury scents. With a combination of earthy and sweet tones, it is layered like a perfectly made cake, offering an initial sweetness, then transforming into a woody and spicy scent.

While it is expensive, there are very few perfumes, if any, that are anything like it. It is a truly unique scent that still manages to remain versatile.


If you have opened any fashion magazine of late, you would have probably come across at least one advert for J’adore. The iconic bottle has been one of the faces of women’s fragrances since it was first introduced.

J’adore is a fruit and floral explosion containing notes of ylang-ylang, melon, pear, jasmine, peach, and lily. And while it may sound overly sweet, it is perfectly balanced and one of the best summer fragrances around.

Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom is most certainly on the heavier side, but if you love the scents of jasmine and tuberose, plus Rangoon creeper, then this is the scent for you. As mentioned, it can be on the heavy side, but a light touch goes a long way

The subtle notes of vanilla and sweetness don’t overpower the florals but rather add balance, making this a perfect day-and-night scent.

Tobacco Vanilla

You don’t often associate tobacco with women’s scents, but Tobacco Vanilla has famously changed the game. The fragrance, by Tom Ford, includes notes of tobacco, cocoa, ginger, and dried fruit, giving you an unforgettable and unique scent.

If you are accustomed to sweeter and more floral scents, this may knock you back a step or two, but once you have experienced it, there is a good chance it will become your go-to winter scent.

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Black Orchid

Another Tom Ford masterpiece, Black Orchid epitomizes sultry and sexy scents. Many describe it as deep and almost sumptuous. It mixes the light notes of ylang-ylang and citrus with hits of black plum, patchouli, and vanilla.

If you are looking for a night-time scent or something on the sexier side, then you don’t need to look any further than Black Orchid; it does it all and so much more.


  1. Over the past year or two I’ve become super passionate about fragrance. It’s such a fun thing, because the same perfume can smell so different on two different people. I’ve bought about 3-4 bottles of Daisy. I used to LOVE that scent. I don’t find myself reaching for it much anymore, and so I think that after this bottle, I won’t be repurchasing. When I was going out with my friends, I forgot to put perfume on, and my friend sprayed some Black Opium on me. When I’ve gone into the store, I wasn’t such a huge fan of the scent, but when I was wearing it that night, I really enjoyed how I smelled! I have smelled some of these others, but don’t own any of them, great post 🙂 xx

    Melina |

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