collaborative contributed post // Are you ready to take your blog from a hobby to a full-fledged business? You’re in luck! This step-by-step guide will help you make the transition from blogging for fun to launching an official business.

We’ll show you how to treat your blog like a business, monetize it, network with other bloggers and professionals, hire help if necessary, and set goals that will help you reach success. Let’s take a look.

Treat It Like a Business

The first step is to start treating your blog like a business. That means setting goals, creating an editorial calendar, and devising strategies to reach those goals. Take time to research what other successful bloggers have done, and use their experience as inspiration for your own business plan. Also, consider investing in tools such as analytics software or content management systems that will help you track and measure your progress toward achieving your goals.

Monetize Your Blog

Once you’ve established yourself as a professional blogger, it’s time to start thinking about ways to monetize it. There are several different options available depending on your interests and objectives. For example, you may want to offer sponsored posts or affiliate links on your site so that readers can purchase products or services that relate directly to the content of your blog. You can also create branded merchandise for sale on sites such as Zazzle or CafePress. Finally, don’t forget about selling advertising space on the sidebar of your site; this is one of the most popular ways bloggers earn money from their blogs.

Network with Other Bloggers and Professionals

It’s important to build relationships with other bloggers and professionals in order to expand your reach and gain more exposure for your blog. Consider joining blogging networks or participating in forums where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests or objectives as yours. Networking is also key when it comes time to seek out sponsorships or partnerships; having industry contacts can be incredibly beneficial when trying to secure these types of deals!

Hire Help If Necessary

As you continue growing your blog into a successful business venture, there may come a point where hiring additional help becomes necessary in order for everything to run smoothly (and efficiently). If this is the case for you, consider hiring virtual assistants who can handle mundane tasks such as scheduling social media posts or responding to emails can help. You may also find that IT services, a graphic designer, and a web developer can help you to save time and focus on creating more content.

Set Goals

Finally, it’s important not only to set goals but also to break them down into smaller milestones so that they are achievable and attainable over time. Having clearly defined goals will keep you motivated while also allowing you to track progress toward reaching them; this is essential if you’re hoping to turn your blog into an actual business venture instead of just another hobby.


    1. I don’t think there’s an answer to that. It depends on what you’re hoping to gain from the traffic, if you’re on an AD platform that requires you to have X amount of views, for example!

  1. I used to really want to monetize my blog, and I did make a bit of money on it a few years ago. Since then, I’ve gone back to treating my blog as a hobby. I think my life has been so busy, that it’s been nice to take it easy with my blog. It’s definitely a huge opportunity, but it’s a lot of work! Great tips xx

    Melina |

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