collaborative contributed post // Bali is a beautiful province in Indonesia. It is surrounded by smaller islands, but none of them compare to the natural wonder of volcanoes, rice fields, and stunning beaches.

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If you’re staying in Indonesia, make sure to travel to Bali and explore the magical temples and gorgeous landscapes unique to the province. To help you on your travels, we have 6 suggestions to add to your itinerary.


Ubud is a town on the island of Bali. Its steep ravines and rice paddies have become a large part of tourism and art for the area.

Because it has developed with tourism in mind, Ubud has nailed the experience of exploring. It won’t be hard to find a guide who can take you through the Campuhan Ridge Walk, or the Goa Gajah Elephant Cave.

Another must-see in the town is the beautiful Monkey Forest, where all types of primates swing from tree to tree.

When you visit, make sure to use Tabi Together’s guide to cafes in Ubud. They have found the most instagrammable cafes, the coffee houses with the best flavors, and even shops which you can work in for a relaxing experience on your work vacation.


The capital of Bali is Denpasar. The city has a lot more technological advances than the rest of the province, but it hasn’t lost touch with its ancient heritage.

There are multiple temples, monuments, and historical sites for you to explore, each surrounded by the natural landscape that continues to thrive in the area.

Denpasar is considered the most romantic destination in Bali. The tropical climate, Shark Island, and majestic sunrises over white sand beaches create a perfect honeymoon destination.


On the west of Bali, you’d find Java. This area is considered the cultural center. Within the luscious landscape, you will see multiple temples, architecture that goes as far back as history can tell, and a myriad of volcanoes along the skyline.

Two temples, in particular, are a must-see. Borobudur and Sultans are ancient Hindu temples, which are still considered the embodiment of Indonesian royalty and the culture that follows.

Although the structures are ancient, you will find that many people of the Java region still keep to their traditions and will happily share their outlook with those willing to listen.

Mount Agung

If you are traveling to Bali, you cannot leave the island without first visiting Mount Agung. This volcano is the highest peak in the province and is considered the spiritual center of the land.

The last time Mount Agung erupted was in August 2017. It is a stratovolcano which means it is made up of multiple layers of hardened lava. Although the mountain is considered dangerous and active, that doesn’t mean you cannot climb the beast.

Of course, climbing is only permitted during the quiet times of the volcano’s cycle, but even if you visit during an active season, the beauty of the mountain is a wonder to behold.


Uluwatu is considered a surfer’s paradise. The southern town creates waves that break at world-class levels along the white sand beaches. If you surf or not, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, beautiful sunrise, and gorgeous ocean views.

The name Uluwatu can be broken into two sections – Ulu and Watu. “Watu” means rock and Ulu means “land’s end”. These names are used to describe the longest edge of the island, and on top of that edge sits a beautiful cafe, where you can sit and watch the clear waters of the ocean.

Tanah Lot

Our last suggestion is Tanah Lot. Many tourists come to see the temples in the area – mainly Nusa Dua.

Here you will see a fine collection of small shrines, which aren’t as grand as other towns but are just as beautiful. In the center of the town is a park where traditional dances are often performed. They each tell a story of the people and the culture that resides here.

Tanah Lot has a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops, but if you head to the edges of the town, you see the unique beauty of this natural land.


Bali is filled with stunning landscapes, beautiful culture, and soul-enriching activities. When you visit the island you can easily get caught in the magic of one place and forget to venture out into the other towns nearby.

Use our guide to help figure out the places you want to visit, so you don’t miss out on the true beauty of Bali.

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