contributed collaborative post // Sustainable homes are the future, but that doesn’t mean you have to move or invest in an earth ship; you can optimize your current home for better energy efficiency, adopt a zero-waste lifestyle that’s good for your budget, and buy eco-cleaning products when you visit the shops. Read on for ideas and inspiration on how to optimize your home for sustainability this year. 

Reduce Energy Consumption

The first and most important way to live a more sustainable lifestyle this year and in the future is to reduce your energy consumption. In some ways, this is unavoidable based on the current price of gas and electricity; still, it’s a good habit to get into even when the costs start to reduce.

Chances are you are over-consuming energy at the moment; that’s because most people take the first option when they’re cold and switch on the heating. But there are alternatives. For instance, you might use a combination of a hot water bottle and a blanket to warm yourself up.

Renewable Energy Options

With the prices and accessibility of conventional energy going through the roof and the challenges of meeting Net Zero by 2050 on the horizon, individuals and businesses are turning their attention to renewable energy options. These include switching suppliers and appliances.

Make sure you are on a renewable energy plan, and if you aren’t, you can switch to one quite easily. Additionally, you could think about investing in solar panels or installing a small wind-electric system in your home – these also allow you to sell some energy back to the grid.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Make your home more sustainable this year by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges facing the planet is waste since the modern world is set up to generate huge amounts of waste for landfill and single-use plastic that ends up in the ocean contaminating it.

A zero-waste lifestyle involves finding a zero-waste store in your local area that sells grains, fruits, vegetables, and various eco-friendly products. When you have a store, you can fill up your glass jars and containers, so there is zero plastic waste and fewer carbon emissions too.

Eco Cleaning Products

Don’t forget about eco-cleaning products if you want to make your home more sustainable and planet-friendly this year. Conventional cleaning products contain bleach and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment and get into the food chain. But eco-products are natural.

Not only are eco-cleaning products more natural they are also more accessible than ever before; even big-brand supermarkets and small local shops are selling them nowadays. Trial a few brands, then find out what are the best employee rewards for the most popular products.

Better Insulation

One of the more effective ways to make your home more sustainable is to improve the insulation. When you generate the heat, you don’t want it to be lost through single-pane windows and drafty walls, so invest in some quality cavity wall insulation, install better insulation in the loft and make sure your rooms are sealed with draft excluders and heavy curtains.

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