collaborative post // There’s something quite special about having a nice quiet night in by yourself. While heading out on the town with your friends can be a nice escape, the pandemic has taught many of us to feel more comfortable in our own skin and in our own company. So, why not double down on those newfound feelings of self-love and treat yourself to a bells and whistles night in?

But if you’re used to obsessing over what to wear, where to go and who to invite, you might find it difficult to plan a night in. Allow us to help.

Make sure you set the right mood

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can just switch off and let the magic happen, so to speak. Give yourself time to unwind and get yourself in the right mindset for doing as little as possible.

This could be anything from running a warm bath with a few fizzy bath bombs or lying on the sofa reading a book for an hour or so to sink into that calming and relaxed atmosphere.

Sort your food and drink

The last thing you want is to snuggle up in front of the TV with your best blanket only to discover you don’t have enough of your favourite tipple. Whether this is wine, beer, (given that it’s dry January) real fruit smoothies or having a relaxing green tea. Make sure you have everything you need before you settle in.

This is true for your evening meal too. Do you really want to be disturbed by the delivery man at the worst possible moment? Pre-book your meal and have it ready to heat up whenever you feel hungry.

Turn off your phone

We have become far too dependent on our smartphones in recent years. Be honest with yourself, how many hours do you spend a day on the endless scroll? And do you feel the need to check whenever you get even the most insignificant notification?

Do yourself a favour and turn off your phone, your laptop and your tablet for the evening. The only reason somebody should be able to reach you is in an emergency and if it was that much of an emergency, they’d ring the landline!

Pamper yourself

Remember, you have nobody to appease but yourself and nobody to apologise to. So, don’t be afraid to do exactly what makes you happy. Want to spend 8 hours playing video games in your underwear? Go ahead. Or maybe you just want to drink a bottle of wine while binging the latest Netflix series.

You might also want to pamper yourself with a bath and a face mask to really treat yourself whilst you’re having a night in alone! Make sure you save all the best products for yourself, too, including your best Sonicare electric toothbrush, essential oils and creams.

Whatever your fancy, you have literally nobody to explain yourself to so do what makes you happy. Because we certainly don’t get enough time to ourselves these days so when you have a rare opportunity you really should cherish it.

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