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Happy February my friend! We’re in the month of love, so I’m excited to introduce to you my wonderful advertisers for this month. I hope January treated you well and was a gentle and loving start to the brand new year and you’re excited to dive into February. Now let’s meet this fabulous bloggers shall we?

My first premium advertiser to introduce you to this month is the beautiful blog of Emily May. Emily’s blog is absolutely stunning and covers plenty of inspiring and detailed interior design content as well as various other lifestyle based categories such as food and eco-friendly living. However, if you love all things home and interior, design and style, then this is definitely the blog for you!

Posts from Emily May I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser is one for everyone who loves planning, bullet journaling and productivity. Bournemouth Girl covers all of those wonderful topics and more and is all about using organization and productivity to plan and create the life you want and love! She also creates additional content around wellness, self-care and being eco-friendly too!

Posts from Bournemouth Girl I’d Recommend:

This next advertiser needs no introduction and that’s Sunshine Sarah. Sarah shares a lot of fab content around positivity, self-love and self growth, including her own weight loss journey, eco-friendly swaps and Veganism! Sarah’s blog is all about spreading that little bit of joy and sunshine to her readers, which she absolutely does! If you haven’t checked out Sarah’s blog yet, I’d highly recommend starting with these posts below!

Posts from Sunshine Sarah I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser is a blogger I absolutely LOVE. She’s so sweet and shares content around beauty, motherhood, skincare, travel and more. I feel like she’s been a fixture in the blogging world forever and it’s easy to see why! Say hello to Rosie from LoveRosiee! I’m so thrilled to have her advertising with me this month and if you haven’t checked out her blog and socials yet, you really need to. Oh, she’s got a super cute baby too!

Posts from Love Rosiee I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser for the month of love is Em, from Earthly Em blog. Earthly Em is a lifestyle blog which focuses heavily on all things eco-friendly. You can find content around conscious living, Vegan recipes, eco-friendly products and much more. This is a great blog to check out if you’re looking to incorporate some sustainable elements into your life this year!

Posts from Earthly Em I’d Recommend:

My next blog for February, is Elevate Business Network, a platform for everyone in business, looking to grow their business and find support. Elevate Business Network provides a platform for businesses of all sizes to connect and grow, and are committed to providing the resources and support you need to succeed. They have many features, including our directory, a private Facebook Group and more!

Pages To Check Out From Elevate Business Network:

I hope you’ll enjoy my wonderful February advertisers this month! Let me know in the comments which posts you’re excited about reading!

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  1. I already know of most of these, except 1, which i”ll definitely be checking out. So nice to see more bloggers writing content about being more eco-friendly, too 🙂

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