contributed collaborative post // If you’ve got a friend that lives thousands of miles away, you don’t have to wait years for them to come over for a visit again! We’re well into the digital age now, and that means you can spend plenty of time together over the internet, doing various fun things to make new memories.

But if you’re stuck for a bit of inspiration, and those weekly Zoom calls are getting a bit stale, we’ve got some new ideas for you below. Talk about them with your friend and see how you feel! 

Host a Monthly Game or Quiz

If you’re not up for casual chats or you just want to try something new, why not host a different game once a month or go all out for a good old pub quiz? You can invite a few more people along, and it won’t be hard to attend seeing as you just need to be at home!

Quizzes and games alike can bring out the best and worst in us, and you can laugh at the way your friend screams over getting a question wrong, or needs to take 5 after a dramatic rant during a roleplaying session. 

Send Spontaneous Gifts and Hampers

If you’re thinking about your friend a lot lately, why not send them something? Something to say you still love them and that you’re great pals, even with all that distance between the two of you. Grab something that reminds you of them, pack it up and then send it off. Or put together a ‘care package’ that features all their favourite foods from back home – if they can’t buy it, send it on! 

Have an Online Birthday Bash

It’s hard to miss your friend on their birthday. When they’re miles and miles away and you can’t pop round with a gift or attend their party and get drunk together; you can feel like you’re missing out on making memories! 

Which is why an online birthday bash is a great idea. You can host a virtual party by asking your guests to load up their video call at a certain time, have a drink in hand, and be ready to suggest great party tunes for the playlist. You can all also send online birthday cards to the friend you’re all missing, and watch them open them up one by one – you can even slip a digital voucher inside a few! 

Read Books Together

Choose a book, set a date to finish it by, and then read it concurrently, even if you’re not sitting in the same room together. Namely, start your own little book club around the genres you both love, and then dig into a new and fun book every once in a while. If you stay up to speed with each other, you can talk about the twists and turns without needing to worry about spoilers either! 

Living abroad shouldn’t stop the love; find new ways to spend time with your friends.

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