collaborative post // Who doesn’t love feeling confident? Confidence is the best feeling in the world as you feel so good about yourself. It’s amazing to look in the mirror or look at a picture and find so many nice things to say about the person staring back at you. 

The only teeny tiny problem is that confidence is hard to find. You can easily come up with a million and one nasty things to say about yourself, but finding one or two compliments is tricky. That’s why I’m introducing you to some long-term beauty tricks that’ll make you ooze confidence at all times! 

Always apply SPF

SPF lotions are essential for long-term beauty confidence! They protect your skin from the sun, preventing those pesky wrinkles. Seriously, if you haven’t already started applying this over your daily moisturizer, you should! It’ll help you appear much younger for longer, while also taking better care of your skin. So, that’s one less thing to judge about yourself. 

Be aware, we’re talking about SPF lotions for your face. Don’t apply sunscreen as this is too oily and can result in breakouts. Find actual face lotions that aren’t too thick or greasy. 

Take care of your teeth

Your smile is the source of happiness and confidence. If you feel good about your smile, you will always feel good about yourself. With that in mind, make an extra effort to look after your teeth. Drink through a straw to avoid staining, brush them twice daily, floss regularly, and don’t forget to visit your dentist or orthodontist

Going for regular checkups ensures your teeth stay in perfect condition. Plus, you can get extra services like teeth whitening or invisible aligners to further improve your smile. 

Keep cold spoons in the fridge

Always leave a couple of cold spoons in the fridge overnight. Place them on your face over your eyes to reduce morning puffiness. It’s a very simple trick, but one that works amazingly. You’ll start every day feeling more confident as you don’t have a puffy face. 

It makes you look more alive, and you can also use special face rollers too if you don’t want to use your spoons. 

Get a serum for your eyebrows/lashes

Your eyes are one of the focal points on your face. It’s a feature most people will look at when they look at you. As such, we often have confidence issues relating to our eyes. Some of us have puffy eyes or dark eye bags – which can be solved with the tip above. For others, your confidence issues stem from the eyebrows or lashes. You don’t have long and healthy eyelashes or your eyebrows aren’t growing all thick and luxurious. 

A simple serum can solve both of these problems. Apply it every evening and you’ll have gorgeous eyebrows and lashes that attract attention and compliments. 

Use these beauty tricks for a confidence boost that lasts. You’ll take better care of yourself, meaning you look and feel better about yourself too. The best thing is, the tricks are so easy to do!

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