collaborative post // Everything that a person does in life has the potential to become a memory, and it is up to you to create them. Generally speaking, most people’s fondest memories will involve their friends, family or loved ones.

Why is it important to create memories?

Memories are one of the very few things in life that you can hold onto, almost no matter what. They can be cheap, or even free to make, and last a lifetime. Here are a few reasons why it is important to make these memories with your family and friends.

They can help create stronger bonds with people

Creating a memory together with someone, often means that you shared some kind of experience together. In most cases, if you treasure the memory, then the other person likely does too. This in turn creates a stronger bond and connection with this person.

They can help to improve mental health

In most cases, people will generally hold on to their favourite memories. This in turn can greatly improve your mental health when reminiscing about certain times, or feelings you had during your life.

They can help make life happier

Not only will holding on to, and remembering your favourite memories improve your mental health, but it will likely make you a happier and more positive person too. If you surround yourself with good vibes, you are much more likely to see the good in life and continue chasing positivity.

You don’t know how much time you have with someone

Sadly, everyone has a limited time on this earth, and no one knows when their time will come. You will likely hear things all through your life such as “tomorrow is never promised” and it is true. So, make sure that you waste no time in making memories with your favourite people, as who knows what tomorrow may bring.

How to get started making memories

It can be easy to overthink and over complicate anything in life, including trying to make memories. But you really don’t need to think too hard about how to get started making them. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Speak to your friends and family

One of the first things you can do is really quite simple. Just talk to your friends and family to discuss what they enjoy, or find out if there are any particular experiences that they would be interested in exploring or trying out with you.

Make a plan or bucket list

You could also make a plan, or a bucket list for yourself that includes experiences, and activities that include spending time with others. If you create a checklist of things that you are interested in doing, you can also easily and visually see ideas that you have, and it might spark some determination or motivation inside yourself to organise the activity.

Schedule, book, or finalise your plans

It can be very easy to just dream or talk about making plans or doing something with a person or group. But in reality, it can be tricky to find a time when everyone is free or has enough money. That is why it is important to actually schedule a date, book a trip, or just finalise your plans with your friends or family. Don’t keep saying “Let’s just see what happens” because it might never just happen. Some things need a little extra structure to them.

Top ideas on how to make memories with your loved ones

If you are unsure about what kind of things you might want to do when making memories with your friends or family, here are a few ideas. As a bonus, after you have created all these memories, if you have taken pictures of your adventures you could preserve your memories that little bit more. For example, why not create a fun scrapbook, a digital photo frame album, or even get yourself a cool photo phone case?

Book a holiday

Choosing and booking a holiday is probably many people’s favourite go-to option when it comes to making memories. This is generally because you will be in a completely different environment, much more relaxed, and surrounded by people you love and care about. Of course, this can be a fairly expensive option, but most will argue that the experience and memories you take away from being on holiday are worth it.

Select an experience day

Booking and experience day for you and a friend, family member or group can be a great and often extremely funny way to make memories. This is because most experience days are often based around doing something heart-racing and uncommon to do, such as flying a plane, skydiving, or even driving a tank. Whatever interests you have in life, there will be an experience day that appeals to you.

Find a team-building exercise

Team building exercises revolve around how well you work together as a team, and as individuals. There can often be a lot of funny friend or family dynamics that come into play when you and your chosen group are put into an experience like this, and it is a great way to spend time together, strengthen bonds, and create memories.

Explore somewhere new

Exploring somewhere new will bring up a lot of emotions such as excitement, happiness, and joy. These are all of course positive emotions, and when mixed with spending time with people you love and care about is a great and simple way to create memories that you can cherish forever.

Schedule a regular meet up

Not everything needs to be expensive, some of the best memories are formed by simply hanging out and spending time together doing something you enjoy. This could be something like regularly meeting up for a meal, a takeaway and film, or even a games night.

In conclusion, whatever it is that you enjoy in life, and whoever you enjoy spending time with, make sure that you waste no time in creating memories together.

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  1. Excellent post!!! Wonderful ideas…Thank you for sharing this with us! It is especially important to set a time and place for get-togethers. As you mentioned in your post, it might not happen otherwise! 🙂

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