ad collaborative post // Buying a new car is a big deal – especially if it’s a brand new car, one you’ve saved money for or even your dream car! It can be an exciting prospect but it’s important to think about all those little extra things you need when you have a car and when your drive.

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My partner and his Dad are heavily into their cars, so a lot of conversations are about cars in our family! My partner bought his dream car back in 2021 – a red BMW z4 35is – then swapped it out for an orange one of the same make and model a year later.

His car is his pride and joy and the same goes for his Dad, who owns not one but two sports cars as well!

Although I’m not quite as keen on cars as they are, I can definitely appreciate a nice car and have a few dream cars in mind myself. Anyone fancy buying me a Bentley Continental?

But when you buy a new car, there are lots of other little bits and bobs that you need to get as well, for comfort and safety reasons. A bit like buying a house. You don’t just buy the house – you need furniture for it too.

So here is a list of 10 important things you might need (and some you DEFINITELY will need) for your brand new car. The things on this list could also be great gift ideas for car enthusiasts in your life, too.

10 Things To Buy For Your Brand New Car:

An emergency kit

Safety first, right? Nobody wants to be stuck in a car-related emergency without the correct equipment at their disposal. You’ll want to include things like a first aid kit, blanket, warning triangles and a basic toolset in your emergency kit so you’re prepared for every eventuality on the road.

A special key ring

Not a necessity of course but it might be nice to mark the occasion of getting your brand new (and hopefully dream) car with a special key ring.

A private number plate

Private plates aren’t for everyone but they are a good option if you want one, to make your car truly unique. If you’ve finally bought your dream car then having a private plate will really set you apart from everyone else.

Floor mats

You’ll need some good quality floor mats for your new car, ones that don’t slip or crack and are also easy enough to wash should you need to after a day spent somewhere muddy.

A car cleaning kit

Get yourself a small kit of things that allow you to clean the inside and outside of your car when you buy a brand new car because trust me, you will be cleaning it A LOT. Obviously this stuff doesn’t need to be kept in the car but is handy for when you need it (or when you want to show off).

Air freshener 

All cars need a nice smelling air freshener and whilst not a necessity, you obviously want your car to smell nice. I personally really like the Yankee Candle car air fresheners!

Dash cam

Anyone who spends significant time on the road could use a dash cam, so it can be a worthwhile investment to get one when you get a new car. Try and find one with infared night vision, so it works just as well in the dark as it does in bright daylight. These are also really handy if you get yourself into an accident and need proof and footage of what happened.

A car phone charger 

You absolutely shouldn’t ever be using your phone whilst driving but if you have a safe space to place it, then it’s okay to charge it in the car. Again, for someone who spends a significant amount of time on the road, this might be a necessity, so get yourself a car phone charger.

A pair of sunglasses

On a bright day, a pair of good quality sunglasses can make all the difference when you’re driving and the sun is glaring off the road. Plus, you’ll look super cool!

Jump leads or a jump starter

It’s never worth taking anything for granted on the road and despite which car you have, it’s ALWAYS worth covering your back in case you get stranded and your car doesn’t start. Buying a small jump starter doesn’t take up much storage room but can be a lifesaver in a tricky situation.

Have you bought a new car? Do you own any of these items for your new car? Let me know in the comments!


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